For fixing of rhinestones on the fabric in the form of placer or the author's composition, you need special soldering iron. This device can attach one crystal, by heating it only to the required temperature.
To apply on fabric ready-made applications (Hot Fix), it is first necessary to remove the protective film.
Glue the applique on the fabric by means of transparent adhesive film which is attached to the ornament.
Flip the fabric with applique to ornament appeared from below.
On top lay the product double layer fabric for Ironing clothes made of thin materials.
Close the heat press machine. If necessary, you can replace it with a regular iron. Carefully iron the required place and iron (without steam!), heated to about 170 degrees. The pressure of the heated surface should be aimed directly into the application!
After the time required to rhinestones glued to the fabric, lift the lid of the heat press machine or clear iron. As a rule, the timing indicated on the package of an application.
After the application finally "stick" to the fabric, peel off the transparent sticky film. This should be done with the already cooled film to the fabric is not left her scraps.