In the modern world controllers so much, that when buying you should pay attention to all the features and capabilities of the joystick, not to throw money to the wind. But if the money is spent, it needs to justify itself.

The first is the need to see if we can connect the joystick to the system unit, and whether it supports Windows, to be able to set the settings. It is best that the joystick was wireless; it is expensive, but comfort at the highest level. Bad that it runs out quickly and need to be recharged, since a separate battery is not.

No need to buy a gamepad with extra buttons for games lack 8-12 buttons, and if more, it brings only discomfort during the game. When choosing a helm you need to pay attention to the pedals and the steering wheel – just like in the joystick, many buttons not needed. It is better to pay attention to quality.

The wheel should not be plastic, but better – rubber. It will serve more and play it much more realistic. The rudder size also plays a very important role: if it is small, it is impossible to play normally. The degree of rotation is 180°, 150° or 900°. For some, very hard to get used to the turns, while others love it. Still need to pay attention to pedal; if they are light and small, maybe it is not convenient to click them, and then quickly break them.