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Hysterosalpingography (HSG) is a method used to diagnose obstruction of the fallopian tubes. In the process the GHA of the uterus and tubes filled with a special contrast fluid, and then conduct x-ray examination. This helps to determine the degree of obstruction. In addition, note that GHA has a certain therapeutic effect with a low degree of obstruction of the pipesdue to expansion of the cavity as a result of introduction of the solution. This effect operates for a short time after the procedure.
The method of surgical treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes is laparoscopy. Laparoscopy puncture the abdominal wall, is injected into the abdominal cavity a small amount of an inert gas and performed the operation with the assistance of microinstruments and under video control. This operation has a high efficiency in the case if the cause of obstruction are external adhesions, internal adhesions, the operation efficiency is very low, about 20%.
Another surgical technique is called fertiloscopy. In fact, it is similar to laparoscopy, only the instruments and a camera is not injected through the abdominal wall and through the posterior vaginal vault. After the procedure is often carried out hysteroscopy.
Recanalization of the fallopian tubes is carried out using a probe that is inserted through the cervix into the uterus, then it moved to a pipes, where the probe is inflated, and moves on. The control procedure is performed using either x-rays or ultrasound. This operation is usually carried out without anesthesia.
In case of significant or complete obstruction of the tubes, unfortunately restoration of patency of the impossible, so to conceive will have to use the technology of in vitro fertilization, which gives a fairly high chance of occurrence of a successful pregnancy.