Advice 1: How to treat obstruction of the fallopian tubes

Obstruction of the fallopian tubes can become a big problem, because in this case conception or unlikely, or impossible at all. The causes of the disease are diverse: adhesions after diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, surgery on the fallopian tubesOh or in the nearby area, hereditary factors. There are several ways to overcome this problem that can offer you modern medicine, the choice of method depends on the severity of the disease.
How to treat obstruction of the fallopian tubes
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Hysterosalpingography (HSG) is a method used to diagnose obstruction of the fallopian tubes. In the process the GHA of the uterus and tubes filled with a special contrast fluid, and then conduct x-ray examination. This helps to determine the degree of obstruction. In addition, note that GHA has a certain therapeutic effect with a low degree of obstruction of the pipesdue to expansion of the cavity as a result of introduction of the solution. This effect operates for a short time after the procedure.
The method of surgical treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes is laparoscopy. Laparoscopy puncture the abdominal wall, is injected into the abdominal cavity a small amount of an inert gas and performed the operation with the assistance of microinstruments and under video control. This operation has a high efficiency in the case if the cause of obstruction are external adhesions, internal adhesions, the operation efficiency is very low, about 20%.
Another surgical technique is called fertiloscopy. In fact, it is similar to laparoscopy, only the instruments and a camera is not injected through the abdominal wall and through the posterior vaginal vault. After the procedure is often carried out hysteroscopy.
Recanalization of the fallopian tubes is carried out using a probe that is inserted through the cervix into the uterus, then it moved to a pipes, where the probe is inflated, and moves on. The control procedure is performed using either x-rays or ultrasound. This operation is usually carried out without anesthesia.
In case of significant or complete obstruction of the tubes, unfortunately restoration of patency of the impossible, so to conceive will have to use the technology of in vitro fertilization, which gives a fairly high chance of occurrence of a successful pregnancy.
Please note that re-operation to restore patency of the fallopian tubes is usually ineffective, therefore, responsible approach to the choice of clinic and doctor is very important as the first transaction.

It is also worth noting that the functional usefulness of the pipes operation, still do not recover, as the ciliated epithelium at the site of adhesions is missing. This prevents the passage of the embryo through the pipes, which can lead to ectopic pregnancy. It is therefore necessary to consult a doctor at the slightest suspicion of a pregnancy.
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It is important to note that all these procedures are traumatic to one degree or another, so be sure to follow your doctor's instructions regarding preparation for surgery and behavior in the postoperative period. You may prescribed maintenance drug therapy.

Advice 2 : How to treat obstruction of pipes

The desire to have children among women appears almost from a very young age. But with the onset of child-bearing age, some learn that this is not feasible, for various reasons. One such obstacle becomes an obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
How to treat obstruction of pipes
The obstruction of the fallopian tubes treated for a long time and is only diagnosed based on test results for hormones, which is held on the first and second phase of the menstrual cycle. In addition, studies pelvic ultrasound method. Then, doctors make a conclusion about the patency of the tubes, the presence of adhesions and the possibility of treatment without surgery.
Surgery or laparoscopy is performed by puncture of the fallopian tubess women. Under the screen of the monitor, the doctor releases the pipes from the adhesions and holds the plastic fallopian tubes. Discharged after such operations very fast, regenerative therapy based on hormonal therapy for the resumption of the menstrual cycle and the implementation of the recommendations of the attending physician.
Known and microsurgery, which are effective in 60% of cases of tubestion of infertility. Here it is important to spend resolving therapy after the intervention, which is aimed at preventing adhesions. In the complex are assigned to electrophoresis, magnetic effect on the pipes, preparations containing enzymes, ultrasound, hydrotubation without hydrocortisone. It is generally recommended that the use of contraception for more than 3 months to establish a healthy hormonal.
In the treatment of complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes, when they are covered with scar tissue, surgical methods do not yield positive results. So often is the procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is a complex operation performed using the full replanting of the embryo into the uterine cavity under local anesthesia. Then there is the healing of the embryo in the uterine cavity and occurs uterine pregnancy. The possible infusion of two or more embryos. This is done in case the woman's body will reject one of them in the early stages. Today it is the most effective method of treating this type of infertility.
Also welcome and conservative management of obstruction of the fallopian tubes, such as balneotherapy, taking baths with hydrogen sulfide, treatment with ultrasound with the use of momentum as well as physiotherapy with the use of broth upland uterus. In the presence of chronic inflammation such treatment is not very effective and gives positive results only in combination with surgery.
Doctors prescribed sedative therapy is aimed at strengthening health emotionally, here are meant tranquilizers, antidepressants and other media. The correction of hormonal disorders in the first phase of the menstrual cycle. Thus are appointed by the antispasmodic drugs (papaverine, indomethacin and others), as well as anti-inflammatory therapy with antibiotics. Only in the absence of effect from this treatment for 2 years appointed surgery.
Now obstruction of the fallopian tubes can be successfully treated, and it should be remembered that any inflammatory process should be treated from the initial stages of the disease. Only in this case the treatment will yield the greatest positive result.
If in the fallopian tubes, there is an inflammatory process - is necessary conservative treatment, which includes antibiotic therapy, thisprocedure (for example...
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How to treat tubal obstruction: treatment with conservative methods is inefficient. Complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes is often said that surgery is ineffective. This is due to the fact that it is not possible to completely remove the blockage. With a strong change of the structure of the fallopian tubes due to inflammatory process and detection of internal fluid, these pipes are completely removed, they are an impediment to pregnancy when using IVF.

Advice 3 : The obstruction of the fallopian tubes - symptoms and effects

The fallopian tube in another way are called fallopian tubes or oviducts. They represent the appendages that extend from the uterus on both sides and reaching the ovaries. The fallopian tubes in combination with the ovaries represent the appendages of the uterus.
Diagnosis of obstruction of the fallopian tubes by laparoscopy
Each month after ovulation a Mature egg moves through the fallopian tube from the ovary towards the uterus. Under certain circumstances, meet her moving sperm. If the meeting of gametes took place, there was a fertilization is formed the embryo, which is also to be reached through the fallopian tube to the uterus to be implanted there, and only then comes the pregnancy.

These momentous events may prevent the obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

The types and causes obstruction

Tubal obstruction may be complete or affect only one tube. It may be in the adhesive process around pipes, blockage of their channel, violation of activity of the villi or contractions of the pipe. In the latter two cases, the lumen of the tube remains free, but the movement of a fertilized egg difficult.

The main cause of obstruction of the fallopian tubes are inflammatory diseases of the female organs. The width of the lumen of the fallopian tube does not exceed 1 cm, and it is easily filled with pus or mucus. If untreated, it leads to scarring and adhesions. Especially dangerous are the hidden sexual infections is asymptomatic: Mycoplasma, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis. In these cases, the woman does not know that is sick and not treated.

No less dangerous tuberculosis, which affects not only the lungs but and other bodies, including childbearing. The occurrence of complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes and other developmental abnormalities of the female organs is most likely if the girl had contracted tuberculosis in puberty.

Other reasons, such as endometriosis, tumor of female organs. This anomaly occurs in women who have had abortions, ectopic pregnancy, surgery on the abdominal organs (e.g., Appendix).

Symptoms and diagnosis

If the obstruction of the pipes is associated with some recurrent inflammatory disease, a woman may feel pain during sexual intercourse and during menses, may occur profuse discharge of yellow color. But this is not always, very often this condition is not manifested in any way, its only a symptom of the inability to become pregnant.

Determining the cause of infertility, the doctor needs to check the presence of obstruction of the pipes. This can be done using hydrosonography into the cavity of the uterus is injected with sterile saline, and then with the help of ultrasound and watching where it flows. Under normal condition of tubes and the solution will flow through them into the abdominal cavity, with obstruction this does not happen, the uterus will expand. This method does not allow to accurately diagnose partial obstruction.

More informative hysterosalpingography – an x-ray of the uterus and tubes taken after injection into the uterus of a contrast agent.

The most effective laparoscopy. This method allows to diagnose not only the obstruction of pipes, but other possible causes infertility: polycystic ovaries, endometriosis. Some violations are eliminated already in the process of diagnosis – for example, adhesions cut.
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