It should be noted that adequate treatment and therapy of inflammation of the fallopian tubes can contribute to full recovery and will not have any effect on the body. The treatment of such disease should be under the strict supervision of expert who will pre-designate the number of clinical trials and their results will be prescribed the necessary medicines. As a rule, the medical examination includes blood test and urine tests, diagnostic polymerase chain reaction of blood, as well as the contents of the cervical canal for the presence of genital infections. You need to consider that the definition of the etiological factor of inflammation is the key to successful treatment.
First and foremost, the medical treatment of salpingitis by conventional methods based on the elimination of inflammation of the fallopian tubes and, consequently, ovarian cancer. After all, the main objective is to restore normal functioning of the ovaries, as well as preserve the woman's health. For this purpose, use a medical complex consisting of antibiotics, immunomodulators, desensitizing drugs, sulfonamides, enzymes, anti-inflammatory drugs, bio-stimulants and vitamins. In addition, mandatory assigned applying ice to the lower part of the abdomen, application of infusion therapy and physiotherapy. As a rule, in the form of chronic salpingitis used physiotherapy treatments based on ultrasounds currents. In addition, shown Spa treatment with the use of mud baths.
In the event of serious complications of this disease need surgery. The fact that the acute stage of inflammation of the fallopian tubes carries the risk of abscess breakthrough called pelvioperitonitis, not responsive to therapeutic manipulation. In addition, there is a danger of a sharp increase in the tube and the ovary, with purulent contents. Usually surgical treatment involves removal of all affected tissues. Often when the operation is abdominal salpingoophorectomy, including drainage of the pelvis. In the case of operative treatment must take into account the history, age of the patient and a willingness on the preservation of fertility.
Distinguish traditional methods of treatment of salpingitis that are in addition to the main curative treatment. These include application fees medicinal herbs such as Echinacea, flax seed, calendula, Wintergreen rotundifolia, centaury, cinquefoil goose, St. John's wort. These infusions not only reduce inflammation in the pelvic area, but also contribute to stimulating the immune system and increase defensive forces of the body. In addition, a sufficiently high curative properties in combating the disease have juniper and clay baths. Such procedures are effective when bilateral and chronic salpingitis. Also, if the treatment of this disease are widely used douching with herbal decoctions of oak bark, mallow and of chamomile, sage leaves.