Advice 1: How to make a porch

As you know, the theater begins with a hanger, and a real home - from the porch. It is through the porch, the guests and the owners themselves get into the house. So it should be comfortable and beautiful. The porch can be built independently. It's probably easier and cheaper just to build it out of boards.
How to make a porch
You will need
  • A bit of brick, concrete, cement, edged boards 50х150 and boards 25 mm thick, floor boards, wooden boards, nails or screws 150.
Before how to build a porch, it is necessary to mark a place where it will be, to determine the dimensions. After that, it is necessary to fill the area under the porch. Before it should prepare the formwork the formwork height of 70-100 mm. Then need to put around the perimeter of the future porch masonry height of one brick. In the end, she, along with joists and floor boards should be level with the floor in the house. On top of the masonry is laid roofing felt for waterproofing.
You can then assemble the frame of the porch. It is necessary to strengthen the four corners of the brickwork stand. Their height should be slightly below the uprights of the house. It is necessary to create the slope of the roof, so that it was dripping wet. Prikolachivayte stand on the Board. The top rail does not have to do it replace the ceiling - rafters.
How to make a porch
When the frame is ready, need to fix it on the ceiling. One end should be strengthened on the frame uprights, and fasten to the front frame and the other fixed on the ceiling of the house. This way you can create the ceiling and roof.
Then straight into a rack openings need to supply window units. From the street you can sheathe porch "inch", then to finished siding. Inside porch floors it is necessary to make. To do this, lay the plank logs, pre-soaked them with antiseptic. Boards should be put on an edge. The step shall be 500 mm. One edge of the logs cut into beams of the house and another set in the brickwork. When the lag is set, it is possible to lay floor boards.
How to make a porch
It is hardly necessary to insulate the porch, because there is no one is going to live. Therefore, after the construction of the porch, you can immediately begin to finish. It is necessary to attach to the frame, wall and ceiling paneling, it looks great. The number of stages depends on the desires and needs of the owner. Before they do, it is necessary to carefully calculate the step to make it easy to get up on the porch. When all work on the creation of the porch is finished, you can install it in the door and paint siding in any color.
How to make a porch

Advice 2 : How to build a porch to the house

The porch is the outdoor extension, when in the course of the house. It can be located under a canopy, as from without it. Self-built porch, exercise is difficult, but worth a try to do it yourself.
How to build a porch to the house
You will need
  • Cement;
  • water;
  • sand;
  • crushed stone;
  • metal corners.
Prepare the site for construction. If you decided to renovate the porch, first dismantle the old structure completely.
Dig a hole for the Foundation. If the soil is sandy, pour it in gravel or gravel, good tamp. You should get a depth of about 1.2 m, it all depends on the soil and abundance of water. In the pit fill of sand 20 cm, do the formwork and pour the concrete.
Next, you need to make a base for the porch. From the surface, remove the layer of earth height of 17-21 cm, and the resulting deepening pour the gravel. Tamp the gravel and fill it with sand. Pour water over, just until, until the sand completely fills the space between with rubble.
Proceed to the concreting of the steps. Mount the formwork for each stage. After the mortar hardens from the first stage, pour the sand together with gravel in the inner cavity of the porch.
After I was ready the first step, lift the formwork above to make the second, and so on. the corners of the steps will strengthen the metal area. Push them deep into the concrete mix.
Pad porch make 5 cm below the level of the door opening. The railing, you can do what you want, depending on your ability. They can be made of metal, brick or wood.
The porch stairs are cover tiles, which are designed for outdoor use. Note that the tile surface should not be slippery, it can be dangerous.
That porch lasts a long time, make the waterproofing of the cap. Cover all porch special solution in two layers.
If you decide to attach a complicated design, try not to miss a single detail, otherwise you will not get the desired result, which is focused.
Useful advice
Handrails better still of wood, as the winter this will be the most convenient option. To build a better porch of the same material, from which it built the basic structure. If the house is of brick, then make a porch out of it, and if the house is built of wood, respectively wood.
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