The primary role of the clutch is that when you press stop interacting engine with transmission. At the time of braking this manipulation is, roughly speaking, disables the engine from the wheels. Incorrect operation with clutch can lead to overheating.
To begin movement it is necessary to squeeze the clutch and engage first gear. After you press the gas pedal and simultaneously press the clutch pedal. All these manipulations need to occur simultaneously. If you let go of the gas slowly, then foot on the clutch in a hurry. If you want to start quickly, then press all the pedals quickly. But in all cases, the clutch pedal is not evident. As soon as the car will go, some will hold the leg at the end of the clutch and fully release only after a few meters.
For the subsequent gear shift, you must release the gas pedal, press the clutch and enable the necessary transfer. Then the clutch just let go and hit the gas. If you hit the gas, not letting go of the clutch pedal, the car wouldn't pull. This is a big mistake.
At the moment of braking you need to press the clutch and brake at the same time. After a full stop the pedal does not drop and turn the neutral rate. If you release the clutch before the car stops. For rapid braking while driving do not place the left foot on the floor. It should rest on the heel and lie down on the pedals.
During slow driving in traffic holding a clutch is constantly pressed to not include here and there speed. But in this mode is overheating, and you can feel a sharp burnt smell in the cabin. In rare case, it's not scary. But the constant disregard the lifetime of the rope is considerably reduced. And the replacement of the clutch on some cars is expensive. The first signs of malfunction of the system can be considered the inclusion of transmission is not the first time a characteristic growl when you drop the clutch while driving.