The work of mechanics is based on the grip. This mechanism connects the gearbox, which is located in the interior of your vehicle with the internal combustion engine. Then the vehicle is ready to start.
Find the right pad with smooth surface for your first lessons. Prepare the car: adjust the mirrors, open the Windows to better hear the car motor. Be sure to buckle up because a bad experience can lead to a sharp jerk of the machine and, consequently, to injury.
Remember the purpose of each pedal. First on the left is clutch, middle is brake, right is gas. To successfully start on the mechanics, you need to check isn't whether the clutch pedal, can you "squeeze" to the end (if not, adjust the car seat).
Move the gearbox (move the lever) in neutral position. In neutral mode, the lever must move freely in the left and right side.
Start the motor by turning the key, fully depress the clutch pedal with the left foot, and at this point right hold on the brake (gas and brake pedals are pressed always the right leg alternately). Set the first speed.
First slowly release the pedal. In one of these moments you should feel the clutch (engine speed will fall). Also, this can be detected using a tachometer - arrow will make a sudden movement. At this moment, press lightly on the gas pedal, continuing to release the brake pedal under the left foot. If your actions are correct, you will start your ride.