Of course, when you use automatic transmission (automatic transmission gear), the gear change does not take your attention. Clutch pedal and linkage are missing. Although the machine has one drawback, which could become a hindrance at high speed while overtaking. When you step on the gas, the tachometer needle is suspended, and the speed does not switch quickly throw off gas and push again several times translational motions. Provided that you need to lose speed, obstacles and difficulties do not happen – just release the gas, the speed will happen if the right amount of revs. Those who prefer sports driving, aim to choose a car with automatic transmission with sport mode Tiptronic.
When you use manual transmission (manual gear box) and drive, for example, in third gear, to switch to a higher gear (fourth) turn on the neutral. In order to do this, release the gas for a few seconds and move the gearshift to the neutral position. Then move the gear shift lever to upshift, it is necessary to keep the lever in the tension. When the engine speed and the speed gears coincide, the transfer will be included. Thus, it is possible to shift gears without the clutch elevated in all types of vehicles with a manual transmission.
If you are using a manual transmission, traveling in third gear and you need to switch to the second, push the lever to the neutral position, as described in the previous paragraph. After you need to have a "blipping" and at the same time to include a lower gear (second). Thus it is possible to shift gears without the clutch down all types of vehicles with a manual transmission.
If you are a beginner and do not have a "sense engine" and a certain natrenirovannosti, you are not recommended such methods of shifting. If you do something wrong, damage can occur to the transmission. Use the tips on gear shifting without clutch is desirable only in case of emergency.