You will need
  • Computer with operating system Windows, USB flash drive
To simplify the transfer of data to a flash drive and not to go into different directories, gathering information bit by bit copy in the same folder all you are going to move. Then insert the flash drive into the USB port of the computer and wait until it will be determined by the computer. Then Windows operating system can optionally install the necessary drivers. This whole process happens automatically without user intervention. When it finishes, the flash drive will be visible via "My computer" ("Computer" in Windows Vista/7) as a separate removable drive. Before copying files make sure that the flash drive has enough free space.
To transfer the information to a USB flash drive copying, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder or file you want to copy. Click the right mouse button and choose "Copy". After that, open "My computer" (or just "Computer"), go to the flash drive, right-click the mouse and hit "Paste". Be sure to wait until the copy process.
To transfer the information to a USB flash drive shipping also locate and open in Windows Explorer the information you need. Click on the folder or file right-click and select "Send". In the list that appears, locate your USB flash drive and click the appropriate list item. Wait for the copy process.