Advice 1: Neuropathic pain and chilli

Neuropathic pain occurs when damaged nerves. They are not associated with disruption of the internal organs. This may be affected by any nervous system – Central, peripheral, sympathetic. For someone with such pain even the simplest actions, such as footwear or walking becomes unbearable. Neuropathic pain appear quite different and are therefore difficult to diagnose.
Neuropathic pain and chilli

The nerve damage can cause by the following reasons:

- diabetes and subsequent diabetic polyneuropathy,

- a stroke with partial or complete damage to the nervous system of the body,

- low back pain or diseases of the spine can result in pinched nerve,

multiple sclerosis, causing neuropathic pain in different areas of the body,

- spinal cord injury with damage to nerve fibers

- postoperative pain in joints.

By the way, excessive consumption of alcohol can also cause neuropathic pain.

The main method of therapy in the treatment of neuropathic pain today is pharmacotherapy, that is, determining the cause of pain – the selection of medicines. If the pain is not very strong, you can try to use a simple recipe of red chilli pepper.

Red pepper, Chile, Cayenne pepper – all of these names refer to hot peppers. Not only is it attractive, "highlight" in the kitchen. Burning properties of the pepper can help fight pain. The fact that pepper is the substance, concentrating its sharp bitterness and capsaicin. It is already understood. It is known that capsaicin has a neurotoxic effect and inhibits the receptor responsible for pain.

This happens in the following way: spicy substance capsaicin in contact with the skin to excite the receptors (pain, temperature). First is impulse signaling pain to the brain. When this occurs, the redness of the skin and it starts to burn." This effect relaxes the spasm of the muscle fibres. Then relax nerve end receptors. It causes an analgesic effect. Made on the basis of red pepper ointments, creams and patches is able to reduce moderate muscle and nerve pain.

Unfortunately, not everyone can tolerate Cayenne pepper. People with sensitive skin can get burned after treatment with pepper. Therefore, before applying, apply the cream or ointment on a small patch of skin to test reaction.

Caution! Once in the eyes or nose, the pepper can cause pain.

Advice 2: How to eat chili

Worldwide chili pepper known and read by lovers of spicy food. After showing in Russia of the television series "Columbo," where clumsy and funny the main character is constantly dined with Chile, this pepper and dishes based on it have earned popularity in our country. But not many people know that this product is both useful and extremely dangerous properties for the body. Correct use of Chile will save you from discomfort and health problems.
To use the chilli in the food should be very careful
The CIS argued that the sharpness of the chilli depends on how you have it cut. Cut Chile lengthwise, you can reduce the severity of, and across, on the contrary, increase. This view is mistaken. To reduce the sharpness of the pepper, remove the internal partitions and seeds. They contain a substance capsaicin, which causes burning.
While eating chili in any case, avoid touching the mucous membrane of the eyes, nose, etc. otherwise you may get severe burns, which is fraught with long-term treatment. Some cooks even use rubber gloves while preparing foods containing chilli. After consumption of such foods wash your hands well with soap and water. In the process of washing drip a little citric acid on hand.
Do not drink chili water, capsaicin is not soluble in it. The best means to neutralize the action of capsaicin are dairy products (or milk protein casein contained in them), fats and alcohol. In the countries of South-East Asia burning from the chili is neutralized with a solution of sucrose in water. Also excellent absorbent can serve as regular bread.
Remember that chili is not a seasoning. It cannot be put in the already prepared dish. The use of Chile as a condiment with the finished dish can cause internal burns of the gastric mucosa and long-term treatment. Chile added to dishes early in the cooking or 5-10 minutes before the end.
Fry dried chilli, to make it more flavorful. But it is not turned in the pan, otherwise it will burn and taste worse.
In a dish, made with Chile, add such spices as cardamom, coriander, turmeric, fennel, cumin. The dish is not only spicy, but flavorful.
The use of Chile people suffering from stomach ulcers or gastritis, is strictly prohibited. At this people with a healthy stomach pepper, used in moderation, improves digestion. Be very careful ordering food from Chile in South America and Asia. The concentration of pepper in the dishes of these countries are ten times more than in the most acute Russian or European dishes.
Useful advice
Moderate consumption Chile will protect your body from germs. It is this property explains the wide use of very spicy foods in hot countries. Eat chili, if you suffer from diabetes. Chili pepper helps to reduce blood sugar levels.
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