Causes of sagging skin

This disadvantage is not very attractive and creates complexes with many women. Enlarged pores, loss of elasticity and the acquisition of unhealthy shades of the main signs of sagging. This skin may later SAG and it is prone to wrinkles. On the abdomen when bending and leaning (she frowns and droops, that looks very ugly.

Flabby skin is a consequence of age-related changes in the human body. This is due to the slow production of hyaluronic acid, resulting in decreased skin hydration and regeneration of collagen fibers.

Also sagging skin can be caused by metabolic disorders of the body caused by any disease. In this case, I need to consult the endocrinologist.

If loose skin is found on the body of a young girl, it is most likely a consequence of the sharp weight loss, alterations in hormonal levels during pregnancy, or stress. The constant use of beauty products and cosmetics can also lead to loss of elasticity of the skin.

What to do if the skin is flabby?

To remove this drawback skin, you need to give it tone. For this you need every day to wipe the face and body with ice cubes. It is best if the ice is made from decoctions of medicinal herbs. It narrows pores, will return the skin fresh and blooming color.

There is an old and proven way of combating sagging skin – baths with sea salt. You need to take them three times a week for a month, then the result will not keep itself waiting.

Excellent job with loose skin a variety of masks, especially the lemon. The most simple variant – applying to problem areas of skin sliced fresh lemon. Effectively applying gauze dipped in lemon juice. Such procedures narrow pores, make skin more elastic.

A good remedy for sagging skin is a mask of yellow clay. It is mixed with milk or water, but the consistency of the result thick. Further weight is applied on the skin. The treatment course is ten treatments, which should be done in a day.

Extremely useful exercise. It should be a system designed specifically for groups of muscles, laxity of which you are particularly concerned. If the classes are regular, the skin will pretty soon become more toned.

Of course, we should not forget about proper nutrition. Try to eat healthy food because all kinds of fast food, caffeine, sugar and semi-finished products lead to lower skin tone.

As for cosmetics, the sagging skin can help a variety of ways, for example, peels, Thermage, ozone therapy, bio-stimulation, cosmecanique and mesotherapy. These procedures stimulate collagen production.