Advice 1: How to tighten the skin of the body

Who doesn't want to be smooth, tightened and toned skin? The question is probably superfluous. A beautiful body like everything: it's beautiful to watch, it is a nice touch. Problems with the elasticity of the skin can occur for various reasons: age, dramatic weight loss, childbirth. Of course, each situation needs an individual approach.
How to tighten the skin of the body
The main problem of sagging or drooping skin, lack of collagen. To combat it, use cosmetics for body with the collagen content. Enter in the daily diet products, stimulating the renewal of collagen fibers in the body (papaya, pineapple).
To include in the program of daily exercise so-called vibration exercises, do them for at least 10 minutes a day. Well contribute to the tightening of swimming (at least two hours a week) and belly dance.
Water treatments, in particular a contrast shower and cold water, has proven itself as a great way to combat losing the tone of the skin. In order to achieve results, perform the procedure daily. After the shower pounded with a towel. These procedures help to improve blood circulation, which also helps to increase skin elasticity.
Take baths with oils that enhance skin tone. Such oils are often used to combat cellulite, but they have a General strengthening effect.
Well tightens the skin of the body massage. This massage can be done manually using special creams and oils that enhance the skin tone. Also massage can be performed with the use of additional tools such as special brushes that pound the problem.
Salons can offer for these purposes, the Spa treatments (massage problem areas, performed using directed water jets) and special programs remedial massage. Mesotherapy and acupuncture facelift (stimulation of the growth and tighten the skin through punctures in certain areas) are intended to tighten skin after dramatic weight loss.
Modern cosmetology to cope with sagging skin in several ways: plastic massage, laser and the scalpel. That should not be pulled using a laser beam, you can just cut it off. Abdominoplasty, the removal of the "wings" on the arms and other similar procedures are typically used in cases when the skin is excessively sagging and bezoperatsionnye methods of its correction is impossible.

Advice 2: How to tighten skin on stomach at home

The problem area for most women is the stomach, especially after pregnancy and childbirth. The skin on my belly is stretched, loses its tone and is often covered orange peel. Basically, to lose its former elasticity of the skin may not only after birth but also, for example due to a sudden change in weight. That is the first woman recovered, then rapidly lost weight. In General, it does not matter what the body appearance has changed, it is more important to know how to tighten skin on stomach at home.
How to tighten skin on stomach at home

There are several simple methods which will help to return skin to its former elasticity and firmness, and it does not matter where there are imperfections, most of the advice is universal. So how to tighten skin on stomach at home?

1. Do some sport. To skin elasticity and attractive appearance, without physical exercise is not enough. For belly, it is useful to workout on the press. At least 5 minutes a day, but make time for your problem area. Exercises will improve blood circulation, muscles and skin will come to the tone.

2. Take a contrast shower. Cool water – an excellent tonic. Before a shower is recommended to treat the problem area with the scrub and RUB hard with the sponge. Scrub is better to take coffee or salt. It can be as homemade remedies and store-bought. Of scrubs the industrial production of very good coffee brand "Black pearl". Also, many ladies praised products of the brand "Natura Siberica" line presents scrubs with salt, sugar, in General, the choice is huge. This peel is very beneficial for skin because of the removal of dead skin cells. Blood circulation in the problem area improves, the skin becomes more delicate and smooth.

3. Use moisturizing creams. After the adoption of a contrast shower or just a bathtub, it is recommended to apply body moisturizing and feeding means. If you have cellulite, you can pick up cream who are struggling with these imperfections. From the budget can be called a series of "Fitness body building" from the company "Floresan." From honey – GUAM, Biotherm and many others. But it is very difficult to say what kind of tool will help you. So if you do not want to spend the money, then prepare the cream with the effect of tightening on their own. To do this, buy the easiest baby cream without fragrance and any additives, 5 capsules of vitamin A and E, orange oil, green tea extract (pineapple, seaweed, guarana, etc., that you will find), vegetable oil (jojoba, apricot, etc.). When all the ingredients are available, take a clean jar, squeeze 4 tablespoons baby oil, add vitamin E and A, herbal extracts, 1 tbsp. of vegetable oil 5-7 drops of orange oil. Mix everything and apply on the skin. To store this cream in a dark place.

4. Do the massage. In principle, the cream can be applied massage or a course, for example, cupping massage. This procedure is a great remedy for flabby and sagging skin.

5. Go to the bath. It has good effects on the skin, saturating it with oxygen. After visiting the steam, the skin becomes soft, smooth.

6. Make a mask or wraps for skin elasticity. The mixture procedure can be done alone, for example, from clay, and buy a ready-made. Most importantly, see that the composition was not present ingredients that cause you allergies.

Of course, the ideal is to perform all listed procedures in the complex, but if you don't have time and effort to it, then mandatory 2 points: sport and massage cream.

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