The main problem of sagging or drooping skin, lack of collagen. To combat it, use cosmetics for body with the collagen content. Enter in the daily diet products, stimulating the renewal of collagen fibers in the body (papaya, pineapple).
To include in the program of daily exercise so-called vibration exercises, do them for at least 10 minutes a day. Well contribute to the tightening of swimming (at least two hours a week) and belly dance.
Water treatments, in particular a contrast shower and cold water, has proven itself as a great way to combat losing the tone of the skin. In order to achieve results, perform the procedure daily. After the shower pounded with a towel. These procedures help to improve blood circulation, which also helps to increase skin elasticity.
Take baths with oils that enhance skin tone. Such oils are often used to combat cellulite, but they have a General strengthening effect.
Well tightens the skin of the body massage. This massage can be done manually using special creams and oils that enhance the skin tone. Also massage can be performed with the use of additional tools such as special brushes that pound the problem.
Salons can offer for these purposes, the Spa treatments (massage problem areas, performed using directed water jets) and special programs remedial massage. Mesotherapy and acupuncture facelift (stimulation of the growth and tighten the skin through punctures in certain areas) are intended to tighten skin after dramatic weight loss.