Take care of yourself, starting with the first signs of sickness. General weakness of the body, nausea, lack of appetite - all this may indicate hepatitis. But similar symptoms can be other diseases. In some cases the symptoms of hepatitis b can resemble the symptoms of flu: fever, aches throughout the body, headache. The disease is accompanied by enlargement of the liver, so during the examination the doctor may send you for an ultrasound of the liver. Hepatitis can be a pain in the right hypochondrium.
Note the color of the skin, urine and feces. Yellowing of the skin – the most vivid symptom of hepatitis, but it is evident from the very beginning of the disease. The skin takes on a yellowish tint due to the fact that manufactured in the liver bile, which normally participates in the processes of digestion, in the presence of this disease is released into the bloodstream, because of this, the skin yellow. Simultaneously, dark urine and discoloured feces.
Give blood for analysis, make it sure to offer you the doctor at first use. In the presence of hepatitis altered blood counts will indicate disease.
Buy if you want the rapid tests for detection of hepatitis that can be done at home. They do not require special knowledge and skills. It should be noted that there are several forms of hepatitis. These tests spetsializiruyutsya only on a specific form and there are not for all shapes. Each test has instruction, thanks to which will not have issues when conducting research.
Treat this disease is serious, promptly begin treatment, or an acute form of hepatitis can become chronic. Symptoms of chronic hepatitis are malaise, fatigue, worse in the evening. If at this stage not to start treatment, the results can be severe: abdominal pain, bleeding, and in some cases death.