You will need
    • utensils for salting;
    • fish;
    • salt;
    • Bay leaf;
    • peas of black pepper;
    • the coriander.
Prepare the fish to the Ambassador. If you use freshly caught river fish with a weight of 200-1000 grams, the gut and even more to freeze it should not be. It is best to pickle the fish entirely.
Prepare a bowl for salting. In this case the most suitable is a deep bowl or stainless steel pot or an enamel-coated. You can use plastic food containers.
Lay the fish in layers. Put down the larger specimens, and the little leave on the upper layers. Lay the fish in such a way that the head lay to the tail.
Pour each layer with a mixture of salt and coriander. Add a few peas of black pepper and 1-2 Bay leaves. Keep salt was covered with each fish.
Close the bowl with a lid smaller wooden round or flat plate. Put the oppression. It is possible to use a large jar filled with cold water, heavy stone or other object.
Put the dishes with fish in a cool room. After a few hours, usually 10-12, the fish will give the juice (brine). Don't drain it until after the salting.
Remove oppression in 3-4 days. Drain the brine and rinse the fish in cold water.
Pour the entire fish with cold water and leave for 1 hour to vymachivanija. Let the water drain out.
On a flat surface spread several layers of newspaper. Lay on top of towels. Lay the fish so that the individual instances do not touch each other. Dry for 2 hours on each side. If you need Newspapers and towels change.
Store fish in the freezer, refrigerator or cold room.