Use for pickling eggs only on fresh fish. When carving, carefully remove the entrails. Separate the eggs, possibly the whole ovary, not to pour her bile. The ovary name the organs in the abdominal cavity of the female, outside covered elastic film, and inside containing eggs.
Breakdown small the eggs are prepared in an industrial production. In homemade caviar of ordinary fish, including walleye, called astynomoi. Place the prepared the ROE in a shallow dish. To separate the eggs from elastic films, it is possible to use a self-made "mixer". It is a wooden stick with a split at the end. In a specially prepared hole is inserted a short wooden stick perpendicular to. With the help of this device you can easily detach the eggs from the films.
Gently wipe received eggs through a sieve, the cells of which are slightly larger than eggs. So you clean it from grease residue films and the crushed eggs. Fill the eggs with salt and stir until thick. It is possible, with stirring, add chopped onion and pepper. Pour a teaspoon of cream (200 g calves – 25 ml). Eggs should not be damaged while stirring, but a little increase in volume. After an hour, not get absorbed into the eggs salt crystals.
Another method of salting Sudakovo caviar is the whole ROE. Rinse them in water, roll each in salt and place in a bowl with a tight series. Each row again fill with salt. Let stand until ready 12-14 days.
If you decide to salt the eggs through a brine – concentrated salt solution, dusted in salt, lay the ROE in a loosely knocked together a box or barrel in serried ranks. The resulting brine, prisalivaya caviar, will emerge, and the eggs will remain dry. Store cooked product in the other, tightly nailed a barrel or box in a cool room at a temperature not exceeding 5 degrees.