Decorate the first part of the plan of educational work: "analysis of the effectiveness of goal setting and planning of the educational process in class." Will notify if you have achieved the objectives set out in the plan of educational work, what is the productivity of the educator in accordance with the agreed plan.
Perform the analysis of the dynamics of the social situation of development of students. It is important to point changed for the better position socially isolated families, children with adaptation problems in a school team, etc. Also pay attention to what the work was carried out with such families.
Write a brief analysis of the team of students in General, specify a positive or negative dynamics of its development. Describe the methods and means of influence according to their degree of effectiveness that were used by the educator in the pedagogical process.
Make a brief analysis of the development of individual students in the class. Pay attention to the most problematic of them. Please indicate which of the methods of working with children has been the most productive and which does not give the desired result.
Analyze the interaction of the teacher with students ' families. Indicate the results of this collaboration, please indicate the degree of intensity and success. Note the most visible productive activities undertaken, their titles and forms of organization.
Give the analysis of the organization of educational process and evaluate the effectiveness of the classroom teacher. Specify what should be paid attention in future work of the teacher, mark the strong and the weak, to correct the part of its educational activities.
The complete analysis of the plan of educational work in print, in Word, font Times New Roman, size 12 pin allocation sub-headings in bold. The volume of the document should be one or two pages.