Advice 1: How to make your back flexible

The flexibility of the spine – an indicator of the youth of the body. Think so in the East. And think not in vain, because flexibility means good joint mobility that has always been inherent in the young body.
How to make your back flexible
Today, not everyone even at a young age can boast of the flexibility of my back. The reason is lack of exercise. People became less walking and more sitting – at school, at work, at home and in the theater or restaurant. A sedentary lifestyle leads to loss of flexibility and, as a consequence, excess weight, edema, vascular asterisks.
The main burden in the human body have on the back, so it's important to make your back flexible. For this there are special exercises tailored to balanced load and to improve the elasticity of ligaments and joint mobility. But to do these exercises regularly or the flexibility over time will deteriorate.
Ideally, the stretching of the back muscles need to perform, starting from 13-14 years, or the flexibility already at this age will begin to decline.
Exercises for flexibility spinindependent exercise needs to be monitored. Should be felt only a slight tension of muscles.To sit on a chair with a backrest, the legs should reach the floor. Feet placed on the floor, knees together. Lean forward and clasp hands front legs of the chair. Relax the shoulders and straining muscles of hands, gently pull the body down. Fix this position for 20-30 seconds. Again.
The twists and turns. Slowly rise from his chair. Then, craning her neck, to sit on a chair with a straight back. Without moving hips, turn upper body to the left and grab the chair with both hands. To turn your head left and look for the back.
Gently twist the body even further to the left helping left hand, not to strain your shoulders and neck. You should feel stretch the muscles on both sides of the body. Please note on your hips – they should not move. To stay in this position for 20-3 - seconds. To do the same to the right side, then repeat the exercises again.
If you put a little extra effort to make your back flexible, you will pay off handsomely. Because of the condition of the spine depend not only good posture, flexibility and body flexibility, but also the health and even the duration of human life.

Advice 2: How to make wings with their hands

The New year can realize the most daring dreams of the children and to create a unique masquerade garb at home. If your child dreams of becoming a fairy, an angel, a butterfly on a holiday, make beautiful costume will not be too difficult. The main question may be how to make wings with their hands, so they kept shape and looked quite impressive.
How to make wings with their hands, source:


The wings are made of fabric

The easiest way is to buy wings at the store and to decorate ready made suit. However, love made crafts will never compare with the product of mass production. Make the wings with your hands can be a very simple way. Buy a small piece of beautiful nylon, cut and sew one of the wide tape. The edges of the part gently and quickly sear so that the slices do not crumble, then form a bow and attach the wings on the back of costumes.

Wings out of stockings and wire

A little imagination – and can home make the wings improvised. You will need womens nylon stockings corresponding tone lurex and flexible wire. Bend the frame in the form of drops, loop the wire ends, make a second detail on the model and connect the elements.

If you are a craft angel wings, one pair is enough, while the fairy wings or butterfly wings (as an option – dragonflies) will require tie down has two parts a smaller size. Keep doing wings with your own hands: stretch the frames in the stocking, remove with scissors the excess fabric. The ends of the nylon tie tight. The center of the product lock is quite wide, elegant ribbon of the right color.

Angel wings from real feathers

Purchase a sufficient number of white tail feathers and downy feathers, which are sold in the departments of art supplies, online stores. Cut out the plastic covers stationery folder a couple of angel wings and the pattern – two pairs of parts of a white fabric.

The edges of the plastic products put on the glue "Moment-crystal" wire in the insulation, after which the two sides of the wings glue the fabric workpiece. Lubricating "in the Moment" rods tail feathers, charge the tip in a cloth and lay them closely in several rows from the "face" and the inside of the wings. On top of the glue layer of fluff.

Useful tip: attach the wings to the dress (shirt) angel is with the help of Velcro, sewn to the underside of the product and the back of the clothes, as well as copper wire, wrapped in a white fluffy material. Tape the wire ends to the underside of the wings, the opposite edge of the lock the shoulder seams of the suit.

Note: always use the shoulder pads out of foam rubber, so as not to injure the young owner of a fancy vestments!

Make the feathers out of the thread

If you decided to make angel wings with your hands, but to get these feathers did not work, come to the aid of white threads iris embroidery. Cut into billets with a length of 12-15 cm of stiff wire. Soak the thread in white glue and tightly wrap her skeleton pen the first one, then the other side. Tie a strong knot and cut off the unnecessary "tail".

Cut the thread of the workpiece 10 cm in length and each tie to the wire, forming a pen. Preparing the right amount of feathers, completely soak them in a mixture of two parts PVA glue and one part water. Gently comb out billet comb, put on a horizontal surface (with film!) and dry. The dried threads are cut with scissors to make a homemade feathers resembled in appearance the real.

Useful tip: if you want to give natural cotton Peru, part of the preparations spread over the inverted top of the bottom of the pelvis – the product will accept a slightly curved shape.

Learn the optimal way of modelling fancy-wings, and you have wonderful children "angels", "fairies, butterflies, and other winged fantasy creatures.


Advice 3: How to relax back muscles

The spine is the key to the health of the whole organism. But faced with the fact that after a busy day or after a long standstill, the back gets tired. There is a desire to stretch, to stretch and relax the muscles of the back. There are a couple of ways.
How to relax back muscles
Pull the back in the standing position will help bending forward. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Start to lean forward. Ensure that the back remains smooth, and the lower back does not bend. Reach hands to the floor and stay in this position for a few minutes. Slowly straighten up. From the same starting position, perform tilts to the side. Right hand belt left hand is raised up. Lean to the right, reach over with your left hand, do not bend it. Slowly return to starting position. Similarly, follow the slope to the left.Very effective for relaxing the corners of the housing. Clasp your hands at chest level and slowly turn alternately left and right.
Sometimes it is easier to perform turning or twisting from a sitting position. In this case, you will be able to stay at the end of the turn, helping himself with his hands. Don't overdo it. Do the exercises as long as you feel comfortable.Bending from the sitting position performed by the same principle, and from a standing position. Do them with a straight back. Do not have to bend over deeply, or try to keep your knees straight. Performing exercises regularly, you will become more flexible, and will make it easier.
The following exercises performed in the supine position. Pull one knee to your chest. Grasp the leg under the knee and hold this position for a few minutes. Change the leg. Then tighten to her legs. If you are doing exercises on a solid surface (e.g. the floor), try to roll with the lower part of the back on the top is a wonderful massage for the back.Twisting from supine position as follows: bend one leg at the knee, get a knee over the other leg, try to reach them to the floor. Repeating the exercise with two legs, bend both legs and place the knees first right, then left.
If you have problems with your back and hurt you physical exercise, try to regularly visit the pool (if there is no relevant contraindications). A great swimming strengthens the muscles of the back and at the same time reduces the load on the spine.
Do not perform any exercise if it causes you pain or discomfort. If you suffer from diseases of the spine or other serious diseases, please consult your doctor about allowed exercises.
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