Today, not everyone even at a young age can boast of the flexibility of my back. The reason is lack of exercise. People became less walking and more sitting – at school, at work, at home and in the theater or restaurant. A sedentary lifestyle leads to loss of flexibility and, as a consequence, excess weight, edema, vascular asterisks.
The main burden in the human body have on the back, so it's important to make your back flexible. For this there are special exercises tailored to balanced load and to improve the elasticity of ligaments and joint mobility. But to do these exercises regularly or the flexibility over time will deteriorate.
Ideally, the stretching of the back muscles need to perform, starting from 13-14 years, or the flexibility already at this age will begin to decline.
Exercises for flexibility spinindependent exercise needs to be monitored. Should be felt only a slight tension of muscles.To sit on a chair with a backrest, the legs should reach the floor. Feet placed on the floor, knees together. Lean forward and clasp hands front legs of the chair. Relax the shoulders and straining muscles of hands, gently pull the body down. Fix this position for 20-30 seconds. Again.
The twists and turns. Slowly rise from his chair. Then, craning her neck, to sit on a chair with a straight back. Without moving hips, turn upper body to the left and grab the chair with both hands. To turn your head left and look for the back.
Gently twist the body even further to the left helping left hand, not to strain your shoulders and neck. You should feel stretch the muscles on both sides of the body. Please note on your hips – they should not move. To stay in this position for 20-3 - seconds. To do the same to the right side, then repeat the exercises again.