You can use an infusion of the herb St. John's wort. 1 teaspoon of the herb St. John's wort pour 1 Cup of boiling water. When infusion will a little warm, then rinse your nose using a small syringe. St. John's wort has anti-inflammatory and helps to speed up recovery of the affected mucosa of the sinuses.
Also the nasal cavity can be washed with warm water with a small addition of iodine or potassium permanganate. To 1 Cup of warm boiled water, 3-4 drops of iodine or 2-3 crystals of potassium permanganate. Iodine and potassium permanganate have a bactericidal effect.
If there is no temperature, it is possible to spend inhalations with medicinal herbs (chamomile, celandine, yarrow, eucalyptus). Inhalations are used to relieve mucosal edema, liquefaction and decontamination of the contents of the maxillary sinuses.
Powerful disinfectant action of propolis has. You need to use a water solution of propolis, since propolis on alcohol may burn the nasal mucosa. You can bury him in the nose 2 drops in each nasal passage. And you can make a cotton turundy, wet them in the solution and stick in the nasal passages. Keep turundy 30 minutes. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day.
You can also instilled into the nose menthol oil or tea tree oil. 2-3 drops in each nasal passage. And preferably the oil to lubricate the forehead, temples, nose.
At home you can cook drops. Mix equal parts potato juice, blue juice, onions, liquid honey (if thick, you can melt). Instill 2 drops 3-4 times a day. So rapidly have not deteriorated to store it in the refrigerator.
Warming procedures are used to improve blood flow in the sinuses and the dilution of content in them. Warming the sinuses can warm salt or sand in the bag as well as warm boiled eggs. If you have blue lamp, it is possible to achieve excellent therapeutic effect.
Keep trying as often as possible during the day to smell onions or garlic. Phytoncides of onion and garlic have good disinfecting effect. The sense of smell will quickly return to you.