For nasal use only boiled or purified water and slightly warmed. Add to a glass of warm water 1 teaspoon of sea salt for nasal irrigation children dose of salt will reduce threefold. When the cold joins the inflammatory process, add a few drops of iodine, but no more, otherwise you may burn the mucous membrane. Iodine cannot be added to the salt solutions to wash the sinuses in young children.
Well blowing your nose, and if you have a very stuffy nose, drip vasoconstrictor drops. Wait a bit and again blew his nose. If this is not done, the solution does not wash out the sinuses, because these slime from which you must first release the nose.
Bend your head sideways wash the nostrils and pour with a syringe without a needle or a small enema with saline solution. One glass of water with salt should be enough for the procedure. If no relief ensued, and the mucus came out fully, you can use one Cup of liquid. If you washed the baby's nose, keep the baby opened her mouth during the procedure.
The second option is rinsing the nasal passages is used in milder colds. Pour the salt solution into the dish, plug one nostril with your finger, and the second start to draw the liquid into itself. After that is done repeat with the other nostril and blowing your nose well. This method is perfectly wins the inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.
Rinsing with sea salt are spending two times a day, if necessary, three. If you have a strong inflammatory process in the sinuses or sinusitis already developed, do not rely on the miraculous effect of sea salt - go see a specialist. Saline lavage of the sinuses are used as adjuvant treatment and cannot replace the main.