You will need
  • pond;
  • sheets of stainless steel or aluminium;
  • - motor boat;
  • - leaky bucket;
  • - feed grains or feed grain;
  • - fishing accessories;
  • - carp-fingerlings;
  • - carp-makers;
  • - pike.
There are 2 ways of breeding carp for a country or a plot. The first way is the summer growing fingerlings to commercial size. For this purpose, suitable even for small ponds with a size 4,5x6 m and a depth of 0, 5 to 1, 5 m. water should not dry out.
как сделать кормушку для прудовой рыбы
Take carpof the year in some fisheries up to 20 pieces of the above size of pond. Planted fingerlings in the spring, after opening of the reservoir. Carp — fish is omnivorous. He can eat as animal food produced by the fish in the pond, and vegetable foods, which uses steamed corn or peas, stewed, unsalted porridge. If possible, feed the carp , the special feed specifically for them.
выращивание карпа в пруду видео
Feed the carp 1-2 times a day at the same time. For feeding it is best to use the so-called feed tables. In this capacity, it is possible to use sheets of aluminum or stainless steel. Dip the sheet in water to a depth of two feet or more to the bottom. On leaves at a certain time, throw food. Food should be eaten for 20-30 minutes. After this time, remove the uneaten food. If the food is not clean, the water in the reservoir will deteriorate.
как сделать озера для розведения корпа
For the season fingerlings should reach commercial size and weight 200-300 g. in Autumn, catch all the carp, because otherwise, possible suffocation from lack of oxygen.
The second method is direct dilution. It requires manufacturers. As producers it is best to take of crucian carps from a natural pond. Among the carp can be a certain amount of silver. The pond in this case should be larger and a depth of not less than 1.5 m. the pond should be water vegetation. Feeding of carp is the same as in the previous case. Trapping is done in the fall.
In the winter in order to avoid Zamora do in the ice hole. For winter aeration water used electric motors with activators on the axis. They are immersed in a hole in a protective casing of a bullet with a nail bucket. Holes should be plenty, but their size should be such that there could not swim fish. Also referred to as an aeration channel. This withdrawal from the reservoir, closed rybozashchitnogo mesh, which has a boat motor with a propeller.
With the direct breeding of carp may start to shrink, because after spawning the number of fry in the large pond. They inhibit each other and prevent the rise of large individuals. To combat this phenomenon will put in the pond a small (25-30 cm) pike. In the summer it is possible to catch the lure.