Advice 1: How to breed carp

Pond breeding of carp was an integral part of peasant farming in Russia for hundreds of years. Carp bred in any suitable waters. Carp great lived in the village ponds, is intended to water the cattle, or dug for watering the gardens. Did and special ponds shallow depth of approximately 5x5 m. In the later period practiced the simultaneous breeding of carp and carp (carp), which perfectly coexist with each other. However, to share the content of these fish need larger bodies of water. To breed carp on his summer cottage.
How to breed carp
You will need
  • pond;
  • sheets of stainless steel or aluminium;
  • - motor boat;
  • - leaky bucket;
  • - feed grains or feed grain;
  • - fishing accessories;
  • - carp-fingerlings;
  • - carp-makers;
  • - pike.
There are 2 ways of breeding carp for a country or a plot. The first way is the summer growing fingerlings to commercial size. For this purpose, suitable even for small ponds with a size 4,5x6 m and a depth of 0, 5 to 1, 5 m. water should not dry out.
Take carpof the year in some fisheries up to 20 pieces of the above size of pond. Planted fingerlings in the spring, after opening of the reservoir. Carp — fish is omnivorous. He can eat as animal food produced by the fish in the pond, and vegetable foods, which uses steamed corn or peas, stewed, unsalted porridge. If possible, feed the carp , the special feed specifically for them.
Feed the carp 1-2 times a day at the same time. For feeding it is best to use the so-called feed tables. In this capacity, it is possible to use sheets of aluminum or stainless steel. Dip the sheet in water to a depth of two feet or more to the bottom. On leaves at a certain time, throw food. Food should be eaten for 20-30 minutes. After this time, remove the uneaten food. If the food is not clean, the water in the reservoir will deteriorate.
For the season fingerlings should reach commercial size and weight 200-300 g. in Autumn, catch all the carp, because otherwise, possible suffocation from lack of oxygen.
The second method is direct dilution. It requires manufacturers. As producers it is best to take of crucian carps from a natural pond. Among the carp can be a certain amount of silver. The pond in this case should be larger and a depth of not less than 1.5 m. the pond should be water vegetation. Feeding of carp is the same as in the previous case. Trapping is done in the fall.
In the winter in order to avoid Zamora do in the ice hole. For winter aeration water used electric motors with activators on the axis. They are immersed in a hole in a protective casing of a bullet with a nail bucket. Holes should be plenty, but their size should be such that there could not swim fish. Also referred to as an aeration channel. This withdrawal from the reservoir, closed rybozashchitnogo mesh, which has a boat motor with a propeller.
With the direct breeding of carp may start to shrink, because after spawning the number of fry in the large pond. They inhibit each other and prevent the rise of large individuals. To combat this phenomenon will put in the pond a small (25-30 cm) pike. In the summer it is possible to catch the lure.
It is necessary to monitor the emergence of predatory insects in the pond and to remove beetles predacious diving beetles and large larvae. With small carp larvae'll handle it;

For fry food should be ground to a paste.
Useful advice
As ryborazvodnoj suitable fire pond;

To accelerate the melting of ice in the spring, sprinkle the surface of the pond with peat litter;

If the water in the pond is too soft, the bottom must be put natural pieces of limestone or marble. Carp loves hard water.

Advice 2: How to prepare the bait for carp

Just seems that to catch carp very easily. This common fish of freshwater reservoirs is quite picky to the nozzle. What you need to do to return from fishing with a full SADC fish? Lure carp in the place of the supposed catch. To prepare the dressing, there are certain rules.
How to prepare the bait for carp
Select the basis. Its role is to hold all components of the feeding. With great success you can use breadcrumbs, bran, grinded feed, corn flour in various combinations and proportions. The base should be hearty, it only disperses in the water, creating turbidity and attracting fish, but not saturating it.
As the attracting component feeding carp take skimmed milk. Creating a fragrant white cloud, milk is especially whets the appetite of the fish and ensures great bite. Divergent on the water, attracting the dregs quickly collects in fishing large amounts of fish.
Add the dressing flavors. For carp you can use corn oil, rapeseed oil, unrefined sunflower and other strong-smelling oil. Good examples are the different essences – cherry, strawberry, and powder flavors – vanilla, cinnamon, anise. Experiment, try to apply those or other smells, choosing the most attractive for carp in your pond.
For the preparation of bait take water only from the pond where you will catch the fish, as carp are very sensitive to foreign odors. After you have planted part of the mix, let her stand for full swelling. And then add as much water as will be required for the formation of the desired viscosity.Properly prepared bait should not fall apart when hitting the water and elute earlier than 5 minutes in still water. It is possible to check, if you roll a small ball and throw it near the shore at shallow depth so that it is visible. In the course of time erosion bait can be less.
Better to bait attracted the fish, before you sculpt it into balls, RUB through a sieve. Then get a mixture saturated with air, and when dissolved in water easily particles will quickly spread through a greater distance to attract carp.

Advice 3: How to clean carp

Golden carp with brown crisp. So delicious! But some Housewives don't like to cook fish because it needs to be cleaned. And it's uncomfortable – slippery fish slipped from his hand, the scales stick to your hands and face. But there are several ways that are much easier task.
How to clean carp
Any fish, including carp, try to clean as early as possible, it is better immediately after catching it. If handle carp does not work, then freeze them, wrapped in plastic wrap. Then the surface, the fish will not freeze and will retain moisture, and the scales will be easier to clean after thawing.
The fish do not slip out of your hands, secure it on a cutting Board with a second knife. Just plug it into the base of the tail. You can still use a special Board with a clip to hold fish. Or wear gloves of cotton fabric, they are much easier to hold slippery carp.
Cut the fins. This is more convenient to use scissors. After starting to remove the scales toward the head. This can be done with a blunt knife, a fork or special tool for cleaning fish. The scales of the carp are large, usually loosely held in the skin and can be easily removed. Cut off the tail.
Rinse the cleaned carp and make an incision along the abdomen. Remove the innards, but be careful with the gall bladder. If the bile will spill, you have to spend soaking carcasses, otherwise the fish will taste bitter. Remove gills. Cut off the head, if you don't want to cook the fish whole.
Cook of carp fish broth or sauté them. If you are going to cook the fish immediately, then store it in the freezer, wrapped in cellophane. This way you will prevent the spread fishy smell around the fridge.
Useful advice
To remove the smell of carp slime, soak them for an hour in a weak solution of salt.

If after treatment the fish in the kitchen, a strong smell, boil some water with vinegar and then ventilate the room. Or heat in a pan some coffee grounds.

To remove fishy smell from dishes, wipe it with warm salt and rinse with water.

After cleaning fish, wash your hands, knife and cutting Board with cold water and soap. This way you completely remove the smell.
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