If you are the head of the organization and want to make a certain amount of money to the account, must first justify their appearance. For example, cash received from the sale of goods. In this case, the income will be revenue. Is the Foundation you need to say to the teller at the Bank, which will issue a receipt. If funds received by the accountable person, it should be recorded in the receipt. On the basis of decorated document, the accountant will have to make a posting in accounting. All movements of funds on the current account should be documented, that is, using statements and accompanying supporting documents (payment order, receipt, warrant, etc.).
If the counterparty wants to add to your account funds billed for payment. In it, enter all Bank and other details (the name and address of the Bank, organization name, BIC, correspondent account, INN and KPP), and the basis of payment. This document to be optional, the buyer can Deposit money under the agreement or invoice.
Some organizations have multiple current accounts in different banks. To transfer money from one account to another are allowed. Let's say you decide to close one account, but there was a certain amount of money. In this case, you should contact the Bank branch with the payment order. In the document the payment should read as follows: "Transfer of own funds. Amount without VAT".
If the founder wants to Deposit cash into the account for free, it needs to execute the contract. If this is a material assistance in the form of a loan, the operation is also issued in the form of a contract.