You will need
  • -identity documents of all family members
  • -proof of income of all family members
  • -the certificate of value of assets
  • -certificate of residency for 10 years
  • -certificate of inspection of living space in 5 years
  • -in each individual case, may request additional documents
As before in the waiting list for social housing can stand up to low-income families whose living space does not meet the standards in your region and citizens, who are homeless or living in unsafe buildings.
Low income will be derived from the total family income and the cost of the existing property, but more strict standards. For example, families whose income is about 300 dollars for three people turn registration does not Shine. In the total family income will be taken into account the value of all property that is available and can be implemented. Such assets consist of: villas, land, existing housing, cars. As well as stocks, bonds, deposits, etc.
The right to receive primary and special housing there are only the disabled whose disease fits the decree of the Government No. 817 and in individuals suffering from serious, dangerous diseases. Indicated by the article No. 37 of part 3 of the LCD. All other persons who have used the benefits in the regulations of the former laws shall stand in the General queue. Everyone put on a waiting list before March 2005 the benefits continue.
Also under the new legislation abolished the privatization of the received property under the contract of social hiring. The apartment will forever remain in the ownership of the municipality.
To register, you need to contact the local authorities. Write a statement of the proposed sample. To submit proof of income of all family members; certificate of residency for 10 years; the act of inspection of housing for 5 years; a statement of the value of the existing property; an extract from the house register; a statement of the personal account.
All documents and the application will be reviewed by members of the housing Commission within one month. The answer will be provided in writing.