Advice 1: How to improve your visual acuity

We "use" your eyes illiterate and dishonest. The day we uncontrollably exploited them at work, which is associated with viewing multiple documents or working on the computer? in the evening in front of the TV or reading lying down. Under the assumptions of the world health organization the twenty-first century will be the century of short-sighted. And if you do not take urgent measures, the number of blind people in 2020 will be doubled.
How to improve your visual acuity
Who can help us better than ourselves? The most effective measure to prevent disease is prevention. For the prevention of eye diseases need to use special exercises for the eyes, which strengthens the structure of the eye and improves vision. Here are some exercises to increase sharpness of vision:walkamin Rope with a rope length of 2 meters tie 10 knots. The distance between adjacent knots should be 15 inches. Attach one end of the rope to the wall slightly below eye level wrap the other end around the index finger and brought it to the tip of the nose. Move the eye from the knot-the knot from the 1st to the 5th from the 10th to the 5th, from 1 St to 10 th. Then proceed in reverse order. Repeat this exercise for 20 minutes.
Turns korpusnoy put on width of shoulders, relax your knees. Turn your body from side to side, keeping your back straight. Eyes look straight ahead, don't try to see anything. Turn around slowly, relax your neck, shoulders and lower back. Repeat the twists for 5 minutes.
Rotation halowaypoint you can do sitting down. Lower your chin to your chest, take a deep breath and tilt my head to the side and backwards in a circle. On exhalation, continue rotation to the other shoulder and lower your chin to your chest. Repeat the exercise 6 times to the left, and after a moment's relaxation of muscles 6 times to the right.
Massage the eye three balsaminaceae eyes and place the fingers in the following way: big – behind the ear, the index finger lies on his temple, nameless – cheek, middle finger of each hand touches only the inner surface of the outer corner of the orbit. On the inhale press down on the corners of both eye sockets simultaneously, exhale, relax. Repeat the massage 5 times within a minute.
Massage five balzaminova five fingers of each hand together and bring them to your closed eyes. Massage both eyes, barely touching them with your fingers, from side to side for a minute.
Massage occipital coccydynia not very strong on the acupressure points located in the neck at the base of the skull, the finger or thumbs for a minute.
Useful advice
The entire set of exercises aimed at improving the blood supply to the eye and okoloplodnykh muscles and takes about half an hour. With daily repetition of the exercise you will feel improvement in visual acuity after 6-8 weeks.

Advice 2 : How to restore eyesight without surgery

Technical progress not only saves time but also takes away health. With regular work at the computer eye strain becomes excessive, they itch, hurt, turn red. The first bell is the dry eye syndrome, a symptom of which is the feeling of sand in the mucosa. If time does not pay attention to it, can develop myopia. To prevent disease, is to adopt exercises to restore vision.
How to restore eyesight without surgery
You will need
  • - fresh or dried blueberries;
  • - carrot;
  • - med;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - sour cream;
  • "The bilberry Forte"
  • - "Astaxanthin" with blueberry extract.
To restore vision requires a holistic approach. Myopia occurs for many reasons. Main of them are: poor circulation, triggered by a fixed gaze at one spot, nutrient deficiency, liver problems. Worst of all, vision can drop dramatically and suddenly.
Despite the fact that the method of William Bates questioned as his contemporaries, and the ophthalmology of the 21st century, restore vision without surgery possible. It proved Vladimir Zhdanov, who used the experience of his predecessor, Bates.
To get started you will need a special diet for vision. It involves the regular consumption of bilberry and carrot juice. You need to learn more about these products.
Carotene and vitamin A contained in carrots, is not absorbed without fat. So it is advisable to drink the juice and eat the pulp of this vegetable along with vegetable oil or sour cream. You can just use a teaspoon of these products, and then drink carrot juice.
Blueberry is more complicated. In many regions it does not grow and is very expensive. Those who have the opportunity to buy one, very lucky. To restore eyesight without surgery, you should drink fresh berry juice or juice is instilled in the eye, diluting it with water 1:2. In a pinch you can use dried blueberries, and a decoction of it.
Pharmaceutical companies offer equivalent blueberries in the form of pills. The most popular among pharmaceutical drugs is "the Bilberry Forte". She gives a quick, but short-term effect.
Russian Academy of medical Sciences endorsed the "Astaxanthin" with blueberry extract from the company Oriflame. This brand new, having no analogues in the CIS, product-specific nutrients. It does not cure the symptoms of myopia. "Astaxanthin" with blueberries works on the principle of accumulation, stimulating the natural process of recovery.
Also diet is for vision involves the use of honey. In the absence of allergies, it should have 1-2 teaspoons daily and make compresses for the eyes at night. You need to smear the eyes in turns – one day left, the other right.
In addition to eating various berries and supplements is recommended to perform the exercises to restore vision. The complex is quite simple and takes less than 10 minutes. If you do the exercises 3-4 times a day, you can forget about glasses and contact lenses.
Every 2-3 hours, try to rest my eyes. First, blinked, to relax the optic nerves. Then rotate the eyeballs slowly move the eyes from side to side and up and down. Then turn vypuchivalas and relax your eyes. For a few seconds then close your eyes tight.
Restore vision and relax the eyes helps massage. Put two fingers – index and middle – for each eye and turn them without effort in different directions.
Finish complex palming. Lie on your back and relax. Fold both palms bowls and place on the eyes so that the little fingers of both hands crossed. Eyes need to cover to under the palm did not penetrate the light. Lie in this position for 10-15 minutes.
In addition, you need to designate one day a week when the eyes will rest. During this period, you cannot watch TV, use computer, to read books. Only the complete quiet and fresh air.
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