If your enterprise is just starting their career or working not so long ago, your task is establishing new contacts and finding new markets. It does not matter are you as a producer of goods and services, or as a potential customer, the consumer. The main objective of the invitation to cooperation – to interest those who are interesting to you. Therefore, the form and its content it should not be detached, neutral and merely informative, so that your potential partner understand that you are interested in it and waiting for it.
Break the text of the invitation to cooperation on several information blocks. In the first present information about your company – how long you work, what you do, how are developing dynamically. The person who will read this text, it should have a positive opinion on the basis of these data. He needs to get a complete picture of the activities of your company, its goals and those areas it considers a priority for yourself.
In the second part describe their needs in cooperation with your addressee. Well, if the target is specific and you are familiar with its market offers and the specifics of production. The text needs to be fleshed out and to convince his readers that your company is the ideal partner or consumer of the services of his company.
In conclusion, confirm the benefit from the cooperation that you offer. Well, if you are able to reinforce their economic calculations and specific figures.
Attentively design of such a business letter with the offer on cooperation. Don't forget to address the person by name and patronymic. Verify that the text without spelling and stylistic mistakes and to make its design consistent with the standards. This will serve as confirmation of the seriousness of your intentions and what your business is solid and trustworthy business partner.