You will need
  • money.
  • - Schengen visa;
  • - Hungarian transit visa;
  • - plane ticket / train /ferry;
  • car.
Undoubtedly, the most convenient and fastest way to get to the Italian resort town of Rimini is considered to be a direct flight. If you are going to go from Moscow, then take a plane of the Russian airline "VIM-Avia", or buy tickets for a Charter flight of the Italian airline Wind Jet. Both companies make regular flights to Rimini on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
To the resort can be reached from Rome, Milan, Venice, Turin. Here twice a day followed by a flight from Moscow airline "Aeroflot" and Alitalia. By purchasing a ticket on the train, bus, or make a car, go to the purpose of your trip. In the latter case, do not forget to study in detail the map of Italy. Of course, this route will cost you more and probably you will spend on this trip for more time. No doubt you will gain interesting experiences and to get acquainted with Italy and its people.
If you live in Saint-Petersburg you can buy tickets at one of the four regular flights of the company "Russia". The landing place is Rome or Milan. Alitalia will also help you to fly to Rome with the final destination in the same cities.
Note the direct Charter flights if you are not a resident of the capitals. In Rimini regular passengers can fly from many cities of Russia. Get to the nearest point where an established Charter message from the Italian resort of Rimini and fly to Italy from there.
If you wish to travel or on individual needs please note that you can get to Rimini from Moscow by train. Direct route to Italy until they come up with, but you can buy a ticket on the train Moscow-Zagreb. Then take the train, for example, in Rome. From there you 5 hours to get to Rimini. In this case, you will need a Hungarian transit visa.
Use the opportunity of intermediate car "Moscow – Venice" to train # 015 "Moscow-Budapest". He departs from the Kiev station and is approximately 57 hours. To Rimini from Venice you will have to travel either along the coast or on the sea, which in itself can turn into an unforgettable and romantic journey.
You can arrange a tour to Italy, buying a train ticket from Moscow to nice. Travels across Italy with stops in Venice, Verona, Milan, Genoa, San Remo. Shall, for example, in Milan. Find out when to train to Rimini, buy the ticket. If you have enough time before the train departure, stop at the hotel, take rest, leisurely view of the city.
To reach Rimini will help you with the Schengen visa. The resort can be reached from any country in Europe, giving preference to direct flights.
To Rimini can be reached by bus, e.g. from Germany. But this trip would require two transfers, more money and will take you about 50 hours only to Rome, not counting the road to Rimini.
Italy is connected with Greece, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and North Africa via the regular ferry service that will also allow you to get to the Italian Rimini. While in any of these countries and when planning your vacation, check the schedule, buy tickets and enjoy the sea voyage and rest.