You will need
  • Mozilla Firefox or Opera
  • Free program VkButton
  • Your patience and attention
Suppose that you have eight hundred friends, and the event was only four days. If you do not use any additional resources, inviting forty people a day, there is a risk that many friends did not come because they do not know about the meeting. This article contains information about how to invite all people from your friend list into a group or meeting.
Check whether it is installed on your PC the Mozilla Firefox or Opera. The fact is that not every browser will be suitable for your plan. If not installed, download it from the developer's site and install it on your computer ( or
After you have installed one of the above browsers, then run it. Next you should download and install a free program VkButton (developer website: VkButton is an extension for your browser. It is necessary in order to simplify the use of social network "Vkontakte". All of the features you use most often, is now controlled by one button. It is located next to the address bar of the browser. This program will allow you to involve all your friends in the social network "Vkontakte".
Now log in "Vkontakte" with your password. Go to your group and take a look around. In the menu located under the image group, there will be one more item to "Invite all friends". Once you click on the item the mouse will start sending invitations. After sending each of the twenty prompts, the program will ask you to enter the combination of characters shown in the picture. Be patient and carefully enter the characters. It is not necessary to hurry. If you make a mistake when entering characters, the program will give you a new combination and send invitations will be paused until you enter the characters correctly.