You will need
  • the labour code, the forms of relevant documents, printing companies, pen, work-book of a concurrently employed person.
If a person works in one organization at two positions, it is necessary to write the application addressed to first-person company with a request to make in his workbook entry work for part time. In the statement, the officer puts his signature and the date of writing the application.
Enterprise Manager issues an order on the basis of statements about the possibility to enter the labour book to the employee's additional position. Is assigned to the document number and date. The Director signs it and puts the stamp of the organization.
The employment contract with the employee, the workers in the office, you need to write that this work is combination. And to work on it, he can only in their spare time.
In the workbook of a specialist personnel officer puts the ordinal number of the record and date of employment for part-time after writing about the original post. The information indicates the position, a structural unit in which the employee is recruited. Necessarily prescribed that this work is his combination. The basis of recording is the order of an additional position, the personnel officer writes the case number and the date.
If an employee works in two positions in different organizations, it is necessary to take additional place of work a copy of the order on employment, signed by a Director of the company, the employment contract or a certificate on the letterhead indicating that the employee indeed works for the company.
Personnel's primary work makes a record in the employment record of the employee for admission to work part-time, the base of which is one of the documents presented. Moreover, the full name of organization, job title and Department additional jobs. A certificate on the letterhead on the work of the part-time worker, it is recommended to store in a workbook and present it when required.