Before cutting the fish you need to prepare a knife and a cutting Board. Do fish have properties to leave a scent on any surface, but especially inclined to soak up any flavors the plastic utensils. Therefore, to fish recommended glass cutting Board. Pre-Board and wipe hands with a lemon or a solution of water mixed with vinegar. After cutting the waste from the fish fold in a plastic bag, tie it tightly and throw it in the trash. Board and knife immediately to wash. The smell of fish with a knife is easy to clean by wiping the blade with a cotton swab with sunflower oil.If the fish emits a very strong smell, before cooking you need to lower it for a couple of hours in a solution of water with vinegar, Bay leaf and pepper. The smell will disappear.
While cooking, the smell of fish will be less pronounced if in a heated pan with vegetable oil add a few drops of lemon juice.If the water in which the prepared fish broth, add a little milk smell will disappear, and the fish after cooking will become more "thin" taste.After using canned fish should immediately throw the cans, the pre-was washed them under running water and then vinegar.The fish is very convenient to cook in the oven using foil, parchment or a special "bag". The smell of the cooking will be weak, and utensils - clean.
It is best when working with fish is to use an enamel or glass kitchenware. To the plates and Cutlery after washing it, left "fish spirit", you need to remove excess fat with paper towels or dry mustard. Next, soak the dishes in cold water with salt for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.If cooking fish you use a meat grinder or food processor, after rinsing with water to grind to units a slice of lemon. Lemon not only eliminates odorbut will also fill your kitchen with aroma.After washing the dishes from under the fish in the sink, you can pour baking soda to extinguish it with vinegar. After an hour, rinse the sink with hot water.
The unpleasant smell of fish from hands can be prevented with her hands for a few minutes in a bowl of water and a weak solution of vinegar. Then hand wash in warm water with soap. Less effectively and wipe "fragrant" hands of half a fresh onion, sunflower oil, lemon or lime.
From the smell of the fish can be removed boil some water with cloves or cinnamon. Upon completion of the work will also refresh the air instant coffee (1-2 teaspoons), a burnout on a dry pan. To escape from the unpleasant smell of fish will help and sugar. Melt in a tablespoon of sugar and it will absorb all smell fishy.