Before us today is the challenge to rid the fridge from unpleasant smell. It's pretty common and it is completely unclear why. Rather, it's clear breath may occur as a result of accumulation of particles of products, because of the ferment any beverage stored in the refrigerator door. The reasons can be mass. The most disgusting is that if at least once the smell appeared, then get rid of the smell in the fridge will be difficult. Sometimes even a total cleaning of the refrigerator can not cope with this task.

However, resourceful Housewives have found several options to solve the problem of odor in the refrigerator. The use of any of the methods provides for complete shutdown of the refrigerator and release from products.

The first option says that the fridge must be washed thoroughly. To clean the fridge need water. It is not recommended to use any detergents, because they are chemical based and can further impact on stored products. When You clean the fridge, cook a weakly concentrated solution of vinegar and start to treat his intestines. After You thoroughly wipe the entire refrigerator vinegar solution, leave it open. Vinegar is acid, it to cope with all the smells, and then it will disappear.

The second option is the use of soap solution. For this solution you only need to use household lye soap. This solution will also allow you to get rid of the smell in the fridge quickly and efficiently.

If You don't believe in the power of the elemental chemistry, check on their own experience the effectiveness of these approaches.