First, let's talk a bit about the cartridgeX. there are 3 types: Cam, SDS Chuck and Keyless Chuck. Traditionally, drills use a Cam cartridges - a drill secured with a key. Keyless Chuck does not include a key. Keyless chucks can be of two types: odnogolosy and dugelnaya. The first is more simple in circulation, so as to change the drill bit will be very easy. Chuck the SDS Chuck is also quite convenient in terms of changing drill - for this it is only necessary to rotate the cartridge.
Now directly on how to remove the Chuck from the drill. Normally the cartridge is secured by means of a spindle, although there are cases when it is fixed screw rod. In order to Unscrew the screw, open the Chuck and use the screwdriver. If the cartridge sits very tight and does not give in, take a hammer and knock them on the head of the screw and then again try to Unscrew it with a screwdriver (it usually helps). When you start to rotate the spindle, together with it will rotate and the cartridge, so just hold the Chuck with a key or clamp it in a Vice fitted with plastic jaws.
Of course, it may happen that you have no cuts under the key in order to remove the cartridge. Then try to remove the cover of the rotary hammer and try to fix the inside spindle drills. This method is much more complicated, but they are also available in the home.
Replacement cartridge punchDecide what kind of cartridge you need; for example, if you often change the drill or other attachments, buy Keyless Chuck; if you use a large drill bit, it makes sense to buy a key Chuck. During surgery to replace remove the old cartridge by loosening the screw and insert in its place a new one.