You will need
  • tools.
For starters, examine the punch to detect visual defects. Vulnerable spot drill the plastic strip on the cartridge: it breaks down a lot, which leads to loss of retainers. To prevent this problem, it is recommended to use a long drill bit.
Punch start to disassemble from the top node. To begin, remove the rubber tip, then lock washer, then the head and the spring. Following this pull out the bulb.
All removed parts will be folded neatly (nothing should be lost, because then it will be impossible to collect the punch). After that, take the casing tool from the gearbox between the body punch and gearbox you should see a crack (3-5 cm).
Remove the switch by switching it to strike by drilling. Then remove the housing from the gearbox.
The power tool may stop working for different reasons. For example, cover the anchor or the stator. To resolve this problem, disconnect the drill from the mains, Unscrew its back cover has three screws, and then remove the cover. Check the condition of the brushes, after this the bell cable and the power button.
If suddenly detected the breakdown, inspect the cable to identify the reasons for the strong inflection. If the apparent cause of damage to the cord is not detected, loosen the cable and examine each core of the cable. Pull out the damaged vein, clean the part where was the breakdown, then ping cable to verify its integrity and collect the hammer.