Before connecting the cartridge to the mains line, be sure to disconnect and make sure that no one will give her tension. To turn off the light in the apartment on the main distribution panel, opening both contacts (phase and zero). If the input wiring in room is mounted intermediate the panel, disabling you need to make there. If the cartridge is installed under the ceiling, you should use reliable and serviceable folding ladder or to move to the place of work Desk. Do not interfere, and the presence of a helper, feeding tools, holding a flashlight or spotter when working with ladders. Be careful when using cutting tools: keep it confident and direct when cutting only of himself.

A set of tools

To perform the work, the master will need:
- pliers with cutting edges;
- screwdriver set (typically, you need a screwdriver with size 1 and 2 Philips, Pozidriv 1 and slotted to 4 mm);
- sharp knife, good stationery;
- pliers;
- if the wire is "fluffy", that is stranded, it is better to use special tips.

Connection and installation of cartridge

Electric cartridges come in various modifications, but most often consist of four parts: a threaded sleeve, the contact pairs, the housing and cover for connections. Before installing the cartridge at home, it must be dismantled, memorizing the sequence for later Assembly.

The rear portion of the cartridge has a lid which is fastened or threaded connection, or snaps. It is necessary to detach and hold the wire in the existing hole. Very often it is the thread through which the cartridge is fixed in the lighting device. If the rear chamber of the cartridge is enough space, the wire can be tied in a knot for additional fixation. Electrical conduit should be prepared: with a knife to remove the outer shell (if any) of 4-6 inches and very carefully strip the insulation of each conductor for 5-7 millimeters, without damaging the metal. On stranded mine fits over the ferrule that is crimped lightly with wire cutters in 3-4 places along the length.

The cartridge has a two pin clip to attach the wire. What mine where to attach not important, if we are not talking about special halogen lamps, and conventional "the housekeeper." The contacts are of three types: screw, mandrel and plug. To latest will not work reliably attach the stranded mine, even if it is in the tip, and monolithic, you have to enter into a special hole where it automatically locks spring. Screw clamps have a bolt with a washer in which the wire is pressed against the plate, so the whole mine is better, carefully fold in the small ring, and "fluffy" to put on the tip of a special shape - fork or ring. With socket clamp work easier: a cable of any type is introduced in the hole drawn in it with a small bolt.

Once connected, the cartridge is collected and recorded in a lighting device regular manifolds. Before Assembly you need to ensure that strands do not have metal contacts to avoid short-circuit.