You will need
  • instructions for conducting labor books, labor code, the forms of relevant documents.
If the employee is found wrong entry of date of dismissal in the employment of the owner, it is necessary to write the application addressed to the head of the organization in which made a mistake, with a request to correct the inaccuracy.
Director order the correction of wrong entries from the worker, puts on document your signature and the company seal. The order is assigned a number and the date of publication.
The employee of the personnel Department of the firm, made a mistake under the wrong entryYu writes the following sentence, which describes what the entry number (indicates the sequence number of inaccurate records to be incorrect. Puts the correct date of hiring or dismissal, as indicated in the information about the fact of admission to a certain position or the reference to labor code resignation. The base may be an order on the hiring or dismissal the date when it was accepted or dismissed the employee, and the order of the first persons of the company about correcting the wrong entry. Made a record sealed by the organization.
If the company where the hiring Manager made a mistake, reorganized, eliminated or renamed, the company, which currently has an officer has the right to correct the wrong entry. The employee is also required to write a statement, and the supervisor to issue a ruling on the possibility of making the correct entries. And to cross out in any case impossible. You have to follow the rules of work books. Cadre makes a correct entry in the work book in advance mentioning that the number of inaccurate entries should be considered invalid.
Also, the employee is employment record in which the mistake is made, has the right to obtain a duplicate. For this purpose it is necessary to write the application with a request to get it. The Director writes an order and sends it to the personnel Department and personnel officers in turn issue a duplicate based on the submitted documents.