The road is a strip of land, a to traffic. She may have a different surface and includes pedestrian roads, road signs, the curb, the tram tracks. The road may be asphalt, betonelemente, soil, earth surface.
In the technical classification identifies five categories of roads. This classification is based on the intensity of traffic on each road. Over time, a certain category of road may vary.
Road first and second category have the heavy traffic asphalt pavement, multiple lanes in each direction. Lanes wide, with greater capacity, increased curve radii, low wconnect, a developed road infrastructure. Movement on such roads are available in the winter priority is snow removal and de-icing.
Roads of the third category is designed for less intensive traffic. Covering those roads asphalt, but without additional amplification. Band width may be reduced to 3.5 m, and the slope can reach 6%. Such roadse are restricted to traffic with a load of more than 6 tons.
The road of the fourth category have restrictions for motorized traffic. First of all it concerns heavy trucks. This is due to the fact that the coating of the road is weak, has many defects. Travel on this road for heavy transport leads to further destruction and deformation, especially in the spring.
Road fifth category do not have a solid cover, so year-round movement on them can be difficult. On such roads can be a dangerous place with the failure of the soil, so you need to observe speed limits and caution. There may be a strong uconnect and many "blind" corners, with a limited radius of movement.