You will need
  • steel channel;
  • - sheet steel;
  • - plywood;
  • - aluminum tube;
  • - suspension;
  • - wheels;
  • - electrical equipment;
  • material for the awning;
  • - tools for working metal;
  • - fasteners;
  • - welding machine.
Make a list of basic components and parts of the trailer. It needs to include the frame and pole, body, suspension, braking device, drawbar, arch, awning, lighting system and electrical equipment.
Draw a diagram of a hitch. Display the drawing linear dimensions and mutual positioning of the main parts of the trailer. It is convenient to perform drawing in three projections. Use the compiled image of the Assembly structure.
The frame of the trailer make rectangular. For its production use steel channel section 25х50 mm. the front ends of the side members attach the towing device. On the middle cross bar place the brackets for mounting shock absorbers. You will also need the brackets for mounting the bumper to the rear crossmember.
The body of the trailer weld from sheet steel of thickness not less than 0,6 mm. the Ribs and the upper part of the body strengthen steel corners. From thick plywood manufacture size of the frame the bottom of the body, strengthening it with metal strips. In the top of the Board provide seats for Doug and hooks, by which will be attached to the awning.
For the manufacture of the suspension, use suspension (front axle), taken from the old sidecar. Wheel for trailer also pick up sidecar-type FDD. Complete torsion bar suspension spring-hydraulic shock absorbers of the motorcycle "Ural".
As coupling devices take standard, which is installed on the tractor. The housing of the coupling hook drawbar movable, not hard. This will allow you to transfer arising when braking the inertial force on the hydraulic brakes.
Equip the passive trailer brake system. It significantly increases safety when towing on mountain roads and long descents. Adjust the brakes so as to prevent the wheels from locking in emergency braking.
Complete the installation of trailer electrical installations. Wiring perform single-line diagram. Connect all lights (blinkers, brake lights, Parking lights) to the onboard network of the car. Equip side of trailer reflectors.