You will need
  • - money to send;
  • - passport;
  • - name, surname, place of residence of the recipient;
  • - details of his Bank account.
Find out the coordinates of the person you are going to send the money as his first and last name correctly spelled in the Latin alphabet in the canadian documents, the town in which he lives and, if possible, the number of his Bank account.
If the account number is unknown or you need to send money urgently, you can use the money transfer system "Western Union". Find the office of this organization in your city or a Bank, which carries out such transfers. This can be done by the special yellow sticker with the words "Western Union. Remittances" on the door of the Bank.
Fill in the receipt for a money transfer "Western Union". Enter the name and city of the person you are sending the money. Give this form to the Bank officer together with the amount to send, the transfer fee and passport. In return you will be given a receipt and the paper on which the number transfer. In this room you must inform the recipient that he with it an identity document, came into his office remittances received and sent amount. Usually can pick up within a few hours.
If your recipient has a Bank account, can transfer money for him. For that you should either open your account at any financial institution, or to find a Bank that does transfers without opening an account. The easier option first. In this case, come to the branch of your Bank, contact the operator and complete the issued payment receipt. Specify the name and account holder name to which you send money, address, Bank name, SWIFT code and account number. This information your addressee, you may contact the office of your Bank and pass on to you.
If necessary, replenish your account through the cashier. Don't forget that you will be charged more and the transfer fee. Then your recipient can get their money in a canadian Bank in 3-5 business days.