You will need
  • • passport;
  • • sender data;
  • • the transfer number.
Tell the sender your name and the city in which you will receive the payment. A transfer is possible in any branch of the city within 45 days of its receipt, after the expiration of the term for transfer will have to contact the service centre of Western Union.
Ask the sender to tell you their exact details (name and address), as well as control number of money transfer and the amount of the transfer in writing – via text message or email. It is important that the data specified up to sign, exactly as they are recorded in the system (i.e. Latin characters – Cyrillic Western Union does not support) below when you receive a transfer you do not have any problems due to differences in the spelling of proper names.
Check the translation on the website of the company. For this sent to you, enter data: name, surname and patronymic of the sender(if the middle name was specified), and the transfer control number in the appropriate fields for the query. The transfer status is displayed on the monitor of your computer.
Select the branch where you wish to receive money to view information about the branches can be immediately on the company website). When choosing, pay attention to the range of services of the branch. For example, the Russian post offices issue money transfers on Western Union system only from foreign countries and only in rubles.
Come in your chosen branch with your passport or other document proving your identity. Fill out the form to receive a money transfer or provide information to the operator orally. Usually in addition to a control number is required to specify the surname and name (patronymic) of the sender, address (city and country), and amount of the transfer. All data must be entered exactly as they were indicated in the Western Union by the sender. Inform the operator also, the currency in which you intend to transfer (if you have a choice). In Russia receiving money in most branches of the company are possible both in roubles and US dollars.
Wait until the employee of the branch will review your documents and data transfer. Sign the receipt and other required documents. Will receive and count the money.