Determine the range of fruits and about this time makes purchasing a fresh product. Keep in mind that fruit - a product perishable, so order goods in small quantities. Much unripe fruit to buy is not worth it, because they can stay on the counter.
Select packing fruit. It is desirable to offer different types of packages of the substrate film, mesh, paper and plastic bags with holes. Each package has its own advantages. Mesh for easy transport, it can be considered a commodity. The substrate is conveniently put fragile fruit, such as grapes. Note the weight of fruit in the package, it needs to meet the demand for this product. But the best option is to sell as packaged, and the weight of the goods.
Properly organize the display of goods. Beautifully put fruit slides and small groups. Put on display the only the ripe, whole, pure fruit. Lay the fruit in size, color, shape. A potential buyer needs to bring the appearance of your product. It is desirable that the window was not closed glass. In this case, the buyer chooses the goods, and the smell of fresh fruit attracts attention and increases the percentage of sales. Remember that the display of fruit is advertising your product.
Observe the storage conditions of the fruit as even fresh and quality products if not properly stored can quickly deteriorate. For each type of fruit should be observed its temperature and humidity level. Be aware that some fruits cannot be stored with each other. For example, apples emit ethylene gas that accelerates the ripening process of many fruits, bananas, for example, the neighborhood with apples provides a fast decay. However, fruit damage is inevitable. At the first sign better would be to reduce the price of perishable goods, later than just throw it out.