First you'll need to work out suppliers. If you are stationed in the suburbs, you can buy goods from farmers with private garden land, or to conduct transactions with cooperatives. If you are in town, you can buy vegetables in the vegetable bases, located in the city. When calculating the profitability of purchases from a particular vendor be sure to consider not only the price but also the quality of the products, and also costs of transportation.
To trade in the market you will need to enter into a contract with the administration, as well as to purchase equipment required for product placement. Keep in mind that in this case you'll need almost daily flights over the fresh vegetables, you may also experience a surplus of production that you are unable to sell for the day. Consider how you can use it to their advantage.
The second option is the placement of the outlets in the sleeping area, namely rent a stall. In this case, you have the possibility of placing the refrigeration unit, however, rent a stall, usually more expensive sights on the market. Plus, you will need approval from the SES is in fact the appropriate conditions of the workplace, and the conditions of storage products.
Most economical in use and simple is the so-called "trade machine". For this you will need a van, converted for the transportation and storage of perishable products. It will be necessary to equip a gasoline generator, and a refrigeration unit in the event of surplus products that have not been sold. You can place the car near the market or in a residential area and then start trading.
Remember that the legality of your business you need to register a legal entity. At the moment in the Russian Federation, the cheapest option is to register a entrepreneur using the simplified taxation system.