You will need
  • - ring sample
  • pencil,
  • - line
  • - a sheet of paper,
  • - thread.
It's very simple - take the time a ring that is your man, and take it secretly to the store to determine size. The jewellers and sellers are always available in the Arsenal special device that allows you to calculate the size of a finger pattern that you will bring. The ring is just put on a special stick with notches, and the place at which it stops, accurately show its size. The method has one rather significant disadvantage – it is not always possible to discreetly borrow the ring from the man without arousing unnecessary suspicion.
If your favorite male is wearing the ring constantly, and shoots just before going to bed, you can use another way to determine its size. Just place the ring on a sheet of paper and carefully draw around the outer and inner side. In order to avoid possible errors, it is better to do a few drawings. The size of the ring is determined by the inner diameter from one end to the other. If in doubt, can come in the jewelry directly with a sheet of paper, which adorn your sketches. Together with a more experienced seller is a jeweler you'll be able to determine the correct number and to pick up a gift required size.
If your favorite doesn't wear rings at all. The most difficult way, because here accurately determine the size , you can only along with the male. Try to contrive and tie right finger with a thread or piece of yarn, while the man is sleeping. For the same purposes and, more specifically, the paper strips that you need to be able to wrap around your finger and mark the place of connection.