Advice 1: How to choose a ring

In order to choose appropriate ring, it is necessary to take into account some simple rules and recommendations. There are several rules and recommendations how to choose the correct and perfectly fitting jewelry from a great variety of shapes and sizes. So, how to choose ring?
How to choose a ring
First, it is necessary to determine the thickness of your finger and determine the size of the rings is right for you. This is best done by a professional seller in the jewelry store or jeweler. Note that the fingers throughout the day change their thickness due to swelling and barely noticeable swelling. Thus, it is better to make measurements three times a day - morning, afternoon and evening. Morning and evening the fingers are usually a bit thicker than a day.
Width also plays a role - for example, if you choose the oblong ring, then it is permissible to choose the size a small margin. Fine the same ring to sit perfectly tight.
If you are the owner of the delicate hands and fingers, the selection of rings you have obviously great: you are both delicate ring with tiny stones (however, very small rings on these hands can be lost, and large elongated decoration, emphasizing the fragility and tenderness of hands.
Asymmetric ring will make a chubby finger touching and cute! Women with short fingers can not choose too broad of a ring as they close the space of the fingers even more and visually shorten them. Also such women are ring sharp shapes like zigzags.
Age also plays a role: young girls really are almost airy and delicate rings, and ladies in age is to emphasize your charm is solid and interesting jewelry from precious metals, with stones and made in the most exquisite forms.
How to choose a ring. Currently, the jewelry stores offers a huge selection of rings – gold, silver, platinum, designed for wedding, engagement, birthday and other important events. In most cases, buyers are guided by their personal taste and style, and sometimes only on intuition or the fashion trends.
Useful advice
How to choose a ring? Buying jewelry is a quite complicated process. Because it is an expensive and long term purchase. In addition, of great importance, for what purpose are purchased the ring. For everyday wear or as a holiday option? As elegant option is fine the ring is larger and, for example, with a scattering of precious stones.

Advice 2 : How to choose an engagement ring

To choose a ring for proposal of marriage to his beloved man can, relying on your senses and common sense. It can be purchased in a jewelry store or make to order. Decoration has become a beautiful symbol of your devotion and caring future wife
How to choose an engagement ring
The moment a man does the woman offer to create a family, is remembered by the couple forever. The importance of this day can be highlighted with a special gift. The ring on the finger of your chosen one will be the perfect talisman of your decision. The woman before the wedding can proudly wear it on the ring finger of the right hand.

The engagement ring: choosing the rules

Choice for engagement rings — a task easily cope sincerely loving man. Main thing is to follow some basic rules. The most important rule: the ring should be made of precious metal with a stone.

When choosing jewelry, always focus on the taste of your future wife. There are women who only wear gold. In this case, the ring can be cast in yellow or white gold and also platinum.

The woman who prefers silver, it is better to give rather valuable and beautiful ring from this metal. Silverware sometimes have a more sophisticated design. Original design they compensate for the difference in price, distinguishing gold jewelry from silver.

From the stones that decorated the ring, you need to eliminate the pearl, opal, ruby and diamond chips. They symbolize the tears, the Heartbreak, the blood is love and broken relationships, respectively. It is worth spending some time to choose decorations, that it has brought into your life only good.

Best stone symbolizing the seriousness and longevity of your intentions — whole diamond or smaller diamonds, for example, two or three. Two stones symbolize your pair and three periods of your life together: past, present and future.

The design of the gift and its size it is best to check with your favorite person. For example, girlfriends or sisters, asking them to keep it a secret until the happy moment.

Engagement ring: buy for income

Buying an engagement ring should be based on your capabilities. Too expensive a gift can be a foolish, soon after the wedding and will have large costs. Choose the decoration beautiful and memorable, this is important.

In the West the cost of an engagement ring is two wages of the groom. In our country this condition is not considered mandatory. The price of the decoration can start from five thousand roubles.

The most important thing in this gift — not the price, but the feeling with which you took it and gave his beloved. The ring is removed before check-in and women wear it next to the engagement if deemed necessary.

This decoration often becomes a family heirloom passed down to the young men inherited from the mother or grandmother as a symbol of marital fidelity in the family. A young man in a generation can make their favorite proposal and present it a ring.

A gift is appropriate, if marriage of his former mistress was happy. New young couple will maintain a positive, going from decorating, and the confidence that they will continue the happy tradition of the family.

Advice 3 : How to choose a diamond ring

A diamond ring is one of the most coveted women's gifts. This ring can be present on the day of engagement, a birthday or any other important occasion. When selecting a diamond ring need to pay attention to his basic properties.
How to choose a diamond ring

The value and beauty of diamonds

Diamond is a special way a faceted diamond. Perfect shape every jeweler gives the stone, allowing the diamond is very beautiful sparkle in the light. It is widely believed that the price of a diamond depends on its size, however this is not true.

You need to understand that natural diamonds are quite similar to the stones used to create jewelry. But from a rather nondescript diamond with the right cut, you can get a beautiful diamond. Most often this stone give a round shape, but common and fancy cuts: drop, heart, Marquis, triangle and others. A diamond of any shape must look good in the ring.

The purity of the stone affects how much sparkle faceted diamond. The stones are perfectly clean are much more expensive stones with extraneous inclusions and defects. Any defects worsen visible glitter, and small cracks (especially at the bottom of the stone) can cause it to split. When choosing a diamond ring, it is necessary to pay attention to the purity of the stone.

Color is another factor affecting the price of the diamond. The most common transparent stones or specimens with yellow tint, but diamonds are blue, pink, green, orange and other colors are much rarer, and accordingly their price can be quite high.

What you need to pay attention

The weight of the stone, of course, also affects the price. However, perfect rare color diamond weighing carat will cost much more diamonds with defects weighing 2 carats. It is worth considering this when choosing jewelry.

Before purchasing a diamond ring be sure to ask the seller a certificate on a piece of jewellery in this document should specify all the properties of stone weight, clarity, origin, and color.

Keep in mind that even a perfectly transparent diamond acquires any shade of the rim, so putting a goal to purchase a perfectly clear diamond is not worth it. But the purity of the stone is not worth saving. Don't buy cheap stones of questionable cleanliness, all kinds of defects, cracks and chips impair the brilliance of the stone, making it dull and not too attractive.

Always pay attention to the method of stone setting in jewelry. Considered the most durable maroon — with this method of setting diamond is held with thin legs that allows light to enter the stone from all sides, and it is wonderfully shimmering in the light.

Not worth buying a ring (especially a wedding), decorated with diamonds across the frame, if you want to increase or decrease its size in the future, it will be difficult.
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