First, it is necessary to determine the thickness of your finger and determine the size of the rings is right for you. This is best done by a professional seller in the jewelry store or jeweler. Note that the fingers throughout the day change their thickness due to swelling and barely noticeable swelling. Thus, it is better to make measurements three times a day - morning, afternoon and evening. Morning and evening the fingers are usually a bit thicker than a day.
Width also plays a role - for example, if you choose the oblong ring, then it is permissible to choose the size a small margin. Fine the same ring to sit perfectly tight.
If you are the owner of the delicate hands and fingers, the selection of rings you have obviously great: you are both delicate ring with tiny stones (however, very small rings on these hands can be lost, and large elongated decoration, emphasizing the fragility and tenderness of hands.
Asymmetric ring will make a chubby finger touching and cute! Women with short fingers can not choose too broad of a ring as they close the space of the fingers even more and visually shorten them. Also such women are ring sharp shapes like zigzags.
Age also plays a role: young girls really are almost airy and delicate rings, and ladies in age is to emphasize your charm is solid and interesting jewelry from precious metals, with stones and made in the most exquisite forms.