You will need
  • - a ruler or a centimeter
Take an inch, wrap it around your hand at some advance level. Remember that comfortable wearing jewelry does not imply a dense circumference of the arm a bracelet, and especially by displacement of the veins and blood vessels. Note that the DC voltage of the pressed area can reduce blood flow.
If the bracelet will be worn on the wrist, then stick to the rules: the width of one finger is the optimal distance between the bracelet and the arm. Measure the thickness of one finger and fold with the size of the girth of the hand – this would be the perfect size bracelet taking into account the convenience of wearing the accessory.
Size of the bracelet "by eye" if it contains trailing elements, for example, rubber or elastic fabric. Wide frame bracelets can be large in size, but at the same time, they look great in the forearm. Treat carefully to the material of manufacture of the accessory and form of clasp, as the comfort and ease of putting on and hypoallergenicity currently play an important role in the selection of jewelry.
Pick up the bracelet, given the completeness of the wrists and hands. Slim-sized accessories fit delicate little wrists, they are elegantly emphasize the tenderness and delicacy of the lines of the hands, in contrast to large decorations, which impart brittleness. For hand medium in size and choose any forms and types of bracelets, there are no restrictions, as all accessories only add emphasis or a different style. Broad wrist and hand look for large bracelets that will look good and attract attention to the owner.