Buy the cream, cleanser, toner, scrub and a variety of masks for the face. Wash twice a day, then apply for face. To use the scrub and mask twice a week. Means buy depending on your skin type. After a week you will notice a visible to the naked eye the result.
Hair also need care. You need to wash them as needed with balsam rinse after shampooing. Make a mask, they significantly improve the structure of hair and make them shiny. If you have untidy hair cut, and go to the salon where you podkorrektirovatj or radically change.
The body has to be treated with a scrub at least once a week, and then apply a nourishing cream or body butter. If you have pimples on the skin, use a antibacterial scrub twice a week.
Remove hair on the bikini line, armpits and legs. This can be done using the machine, for hair removal cream or wax strips. You can visit a beautician, who with the help of modern methods will remove unwanted hair.
Bring the nails in order. A manicure and pedicure. Manicure can be done at home or in the salon. It should be done once a week. Watch out for the nail varnish, it needs to be perfectly painted. If the paint has started to go down, then wipe off the old coating and apply a new one.
In the daytime, use bright colors in makeup, night more saturated. Finish your look with a scent of your favorite perfume.