Remember that characteristics of freight to any station, a transport object, a transportation hub as the tester used only the tonnage.The turnover shows the volume of economic relations between countries, regions, enterprises, economic entities, it also indicates the capacity of the transportation facilities.
Turnover can be defined as advanced communication, trade, economic activity in a certain period, etc., the cargo turnover Growth indicates the growth of trade and economic development, a fall in the turnover on the contrary indicates a decrease in economic activity. A significant drop of turnover usually observed in crisis periods.
If you need to count the turnover, the weight of the transported cargo in a given period and multiply by the average distance of transportation, and you get the turnover of the enterprise. For example, in the course of the year the cars were transported 6 million tons of cargo at an average distance of 160 km, the annual turnover of this company is equal to 960 million ton-kilometers.
Indicators of turnover are used in the distribution of income, in planning, in changing costs of materials, labor, equipment, etc.
Be aware that the entire turnover divided into 5 components, considering the mode of transport:1. The turnover of the Railways. Rail transport is the most mass and cheap mode of transport. 2. The cargo turnover of water transport. Also a cheap form of transport, but there is a drawback, it's seasonal work. 3. The freight turnover of road transport. 4. The freight turnover of air transport. This is the most expensive form of transportation, but it is indispensable when you need to deliver goods to remote places. 5. The freight turnover of pipeline transport. Today it is the most promising mode of transport for the transportation of gaseous and liquid cargo.