You will need
  • - Network cables;
  • - the laptop.
First, make sure that your Internet account is active. Connect the cable to the computer and configure the connection to the server. Make sure that the Internet connection is stable. Now connect the cable from ISP to the WAN port of the router.
Connect a network cable to the LAN port of the network equipment with a computer. Open your Internet browser and navigate to the web interface settings of the router. Click WAN (Internet Connection) and configure the connection to the server. Be sure to check the correct settings. Save the settings of this menu and reboot the device. Make sure activity of DHCP and NAT.
Configure the network adapter of the computer by selecting use dynamic IP addresses. Make sure that the Internet works consistently. Now alternately connect the computer to other LAN ports of the router. Check out their performance.
If you could not connect to the Internet through a port, check the settings of the firewall router. Make sure that in the routing table (Route Table) is not registered static routes to specific LAN ports.
Now click Wireless Settings (Wi-Fi) and create a wireless access point. Be sure to select those options wireless network, which will be able to work with your laptop. Restart the router to apply the changes.
Connect your laptop or desktop computer (via wifi adapter) to the created access point. Make sure that Internet access is present. Check for communication between devices comprising cable and wireless networking.
Try to connect multiple computers to the LAN ports and the wireless network. Make sure there are no large delays in the network. If no problems were detected, then the router is fully functional.