You will need
  • - Wi-Fi router;
  • - network cable.
First, get a Wi-Fi router that is suitable for your provider. Check the availability of DSL or WAN connector at the network device. Connect the router to AC power and turn it on.
Connect with LAN desktop computers using network cables. Turn on one of these computers and launch the browser. Open the user manual to Wi-Fi router and find the default IP address of this device. Specify values for the username and password that must be entered to access the router settings.
Enter the IP address in the browser, fill in the fields Login and Password. Now set the operation mode of Wi-Fi router. Open the WAN menu. Specify the type of data transfer Protocol, enter the data required for authorization on the provider's server and select the operating mode of the DHCP function. Save the WAN settings menu.
Now click Wireless Settings and configure the wireless network. Enter its name, choose a secure type of data encryption. Specify the specific type of radio signal, if required.
Now navigate to advanced settings. Activate the Firewall function, and PAT. Open the routing table and change routes for some ports, if necessary. Route Table normally set up independently only in the case when you need to provide access not only to Internet but also to intranet resources in your provider.
Save all changes to settings Wi-Fi router. Restart this device. Wait until the router connects to the Internet. Now turn on your computers and connect them to the created access point. Make sure that Internet access is present in both types of networks. Check the possibility of exchanging information between networks.