Universal transfer document (DFC) is an accounting document that combines two important for taxpayers document: commercial invoice (original document) and invoice (a required document for VAT). This account was developed by the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation especially for taxpayers with the aim of reducing the volume of document flow between business entities, to simplify the processing of information on transactions of trade (services, works). New form implemented in the application program 1C: Enterprise.
To create a DFC in the program 1C: Enterprise 8.2, it is necessary to determine what status will be created for this document.
Universal transmission document can have two status:
- The status of the transfer document, the invoice.
- The status of the transfer document.
If you want to create a DFC with a status of only "Transfer document", the document "Implementation of goods and services" you need to click on the Print button at the bottom right corner of the document, and then choose the menu item "Universal transfer document". The invoice need not be introduced - this is important work with the program 1C: Enterprise 8.2, 2.0 edition, as if you enter an invoice, the document status will change automatically.
This method can be used by organizations and individual entrepreneurs who are not payers of value added tax. For example, taxpayers with the regime, USN, UAT, PSN.
If you want to create the original document with a status of "invoice, transfer document", then you need to enter the invoice. And document invoices click on the Print button (lower right corner) and print the document.