You will need
  • Wireless kit EZR601AV.
Order online or purchase in store special computer device to connect the monitor to the computer via a wireless HDMI interface. This kit includes devices that connect to the system unit of the computer by connecting to USB port and device monitor, which connects to it via HDMI or VGA interface depending on the model.
Please note that this significantly simplifies the procedure of using the TV as a computer monitor. Also this is useful if you have a laptop without connectivity the VGA cable, since USB ports are available in each model.
Check the system requirements that are needed to support the use of this device. You need to have a computer with a processor not less than Intel Atom and RAM not less than 512 megabytes, however, this is just the system requirements set EZR601AV required minimum configuration find out from the seller about each model. Also it is best to have your computer respond exactly the recommended settings, since the minimum possible freeze of the game and to play videos. Also check the video adapter settings.
Connect the device to the system unit or laptop. Connect the monitor cables to the neighboring device and perform this procedure by following the instructions. After that you can position monitor to desired distance from the system unit.
Install the software on your computer, restart it and run the program control device. Specify the desired settings and apply the changes. Remember that if you are using a wireless connection interface of the display, you may experience certain problems if still using a USB modem.