You will need
  • - single phase mains AC voltage of 220 V;
  • - operating and starting capacitors.
Calculate the operating capacitor for connecting the motor to single phase. The capacitance of the capacitor depends on the power of the engine. To calculate the capacitance of the capacitor (in microfarads), multiply the rated power of engine (kW) 66. For example, for the engine power of 1 kW would require a capacitor with a capacitance 66 UF. To obtain a capacitor of such capacity can be used several parallel connected capacitors with smaller capacity.
If the capacity of your motor more than 1.5 kW when connecting it or do not do will not spin or is very slow to gain momentum. To start this engine, you need to use a starting capacitor. Usually the capacity of the starter capacitor is 3 times the capacitance of the operating capacitor.
Connect the motor according to the scheme "star" or "triangle" a single-phase network.
When connecting the motor according to the scheme "triangle", connect one of the windings to the mains ~220 V. at the same time enable the operating capacitor. Working in parallel, connect the starting capacitor to the button. Connect the beginning of the second winding to the first end, the second end of the winding with the beginning of the third, and the end of the third winding, with the beginning of the first.
For motor connection in star schema, two phase windings could be connected directly to the network, and a third phase winding through the operating capacitor to one of the first two.