Electric motors are used not only in production but also in the household. Circular saws, mill, extraction, various grinding machines. If the commutator motors to connect is not difficult, as it is difficult to make a mistake, only two conclusions available, asynchronous motors need to be connected strictly according to the scheme.

For this you need to pay attention to the tag that is on the engine block. The terminals of the windings or all out of the terminal there are six wires coming out of engine) or from the inside windings are connected in star and the terminals only goes three wires. It remains only to guess the phase to rotate the anchor in the desired direction.

Connection to three-phase network

If you are not using frequency converters, it is necessary to connect the windings in star. In the case where the terminals are integers, you need to connect pins S4, S5 and S6 jumpers. And the conclusions C1, C2 and C3 to supply power. If there is no terminal, then you need to ring winding, starting to join at one point, and the ends to supply power. The thing is, each winding in this case will account for 220 Volts. From this we can conclude that somehow you can connect the asynchronous motor to the home network 220.

The connection triangle is used if you are connecting to some models of frequency converters, or to connect to home network. In the presence of terminal you need to connect pins C1 with C6, C2 with C4 C3 with C5. And each pair is energized. The use of a frequency Converter is good because you can change the frequency of rotation of the armature without the use of mechanical devices (e.g., variable speed), change acceleration and braking.

Connection to single-phase domestic network

In order not to lose power, it is best to use a model of frequency converters, which are powered by a single phase and have three phase. That's just the price much bite, and they can be purchased in large cities or in online stores. And if you order in the latter, where the probability that the delivery time will not hurt the device?

Therefore, most use a capacitor for phase shift. Battery working capacitors must be calculated so that for every hundred Watts of power accounts for 7 µf of capacitance. For example, for motor 1.5 kW desired battery capacity of about 105 MCF. The motor windings are connected according to the scheme of the triangle, one the output is zero, the second to phase, and the third via a capacitor connects to the phase.

Working in parallel capacitors is switched on block launcher that are involved only during engine start-up. To provide this mode of operation can batch switch in which one contact when the button is released opens. The capacity of the starter capacitor needs to be at least three times more capacity of workers. And launcher included in parallel work during startup.